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LeSalon Edition

August 2023

Eyelash Lift FAQs – Your Questions Answered!

July 2023

Embrace Summer: How to Enjoy Summer whilst Working

June 2023

Eyebrow Waxing vs. Eyebrow Threading: Understanding the Difference

March 2023

The Importance Of Rewarding Employees
Inspiring Female Founders In London

February 2023

Why Are Massages Beneficial?

May 2022

We have acquired Prettly!

November 2021

How To Become A Mobile Massage Therapist

October 2021

How to Become A Licensed Mobile Nail Technician
How To Start Up Your Own Mobile Hairdressing Business

September 2021

5 signs from your nails that you should take a break from polish
How to remove pesky hangnails
Questions you may be too embarrassed to ask your massage therapist

August 2021

5 Warnings From Your Nails About Your Health

April 2021

The Top 7 Nail Trends You Need To Know This 2022
Women’s Health: Let’s Talk About It
Meet Casey Norrie: Therapist Manager at LeSalon

March 2021

Meet The Team: Bella Ciccone, Operations Support Manager
Meet The Team: Jennie Waeland, Content and Media Executive
Meet The Team: Zoe Greenwood, Marketing Executive
Meet Emilia Makosa, Founder of Emeilleurq

February 2021

Meet The Team: Alfie Freeman, Lead Developer
Meet The Team: Nabil Freeman, CTO of LeSalon
What’s The Difference Between Dip Nails And Acrylics?
Meet The Team: Rich Edwards, Chief Growth Officer
5 Tips To Boost Your Mental Health
Meet The Team: Natasha Pilbrow, Co-Founder of LeSalon

January 2021

Meet The Team: Jean-Michel Chalayer, Co-Founder & CEO of LeSalon
What Exactly Is Eyebrow Tinting?

December 2020

Is Working From Home Giving You Bad Posture?
What Is A Dry Manicure?
Meet Anna Brightman, Co-founder of UpCircle Beauty
Our Favourite Winter Nail Trends This 2022
6 steps to get prettier feet now 
At-home foot care routine to make your pedi last longer
Our Mobile Beauticians Tell Us Their Best At-Home Hair Care Tips

November 2020

Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home
10 Best Ways To Repair Dry Cuticles
Meet Olivia Ferdi, Co-Founder of TRIP
8 Tips To Keep Your At Home Beauty Routine Under Control
Here’s what to know before waxing your bikini line at home
Meet Jasmin Thomas, Founder of Ohana
The Secret To A Perfect Blow Dry
Will Acrylic Nails Harm My Natural Nails?
How To Become A Mobile Beautician
Meet Devina & Sarah: Founders of Aurora London

October 2020

10 Best Nail and Cuticle Oils
What Happens If You Use Nail Polish Over Gel Nails?
The 10 Most Asked Questions About Lash Extensions
Will A Lash Lift Ruin My Lashes?
8 Top Tips To Get Long And Strong Nails
7 Tips For Removing Dead Skin From Your Feet
How To Properly Remove Gel Nails At Home
Our 5 Top Tips For The Healthiest Cuticles

September 2020

How To Prepare For Your At-Home Massage
We Asked Our Experts For Their Best Pre-Lash Lift Tips
A Guide To Massage Oils
Lash Curls: What Are The Different ‘Lift’ Options?
Lash Extensions VS Lash Lift: What’s The Difference?
What Are Russian Lash Extensions?
How To Prevent Nail Stains From Red Polish
Should You Pluck Your Eyebrows In Between Appointments?
How to prepare for a wax after shaving during lockdown 
How To Keep Your Blow Dry Looking Fresh

August 2020

Can You Tan Through A Spray Tan
How To Prepare For Your At-Home Blow Dry
The Different Types Of Lashes
4 Types Of Massage You Should Try If You Are A Busy Londoner
Meet Olivia Thorpe, Founder of Vanderohe
Everything You Need To Know About Vita Liberata Spray Tan
Which Massage is Perfect For You?
What to expect from your nail appointment, post-lockdown
Meet Yolanda Cooper, Founder of We Are Paradoxx
A Mobile Beauty Therapists’ Guide to Money Management
Things To Remember If You’ve Resorted Back To Shaving During Lockdown
Why You Should Get a Manicure

July 2020

Meet Antonia Philp, Founder of Nursem
The Difference Between A Spray Tan And Sunbed
5 Ways To Reduce Redness After a Wax
Meet Saasha Celestial-One, COO of Olio
How To Look After Your Nails Post-Manicure
The Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring
Meet Joanna Silva, Founder of Elan Skincare
The Difference Between Shaving and Waxing 
The Difference Between Gel, Shellac and Classic Nails 

June 2020

10 Female Tech Companies To Watch Out For
Meet Helene Guillaume, Founder of Wild AI
Supporting the Movement
Meet Billie Quinlan: Founder of Ferly
Ensuring The Safety Of The LeSalon Community

May 2020

Meet Joanna Montgomery: Founder of Little Riot
The Benefits of a Therapeutic Massage
Tips on Avoiding Loneliness During Lockdown
Meet Kerry & Lisa: Founders of Amly Botanicals
Products To Protect Your Skin Against UV Rays and Pollution
The Best Clean Beauty Brands
Meet Mika Simmons: Founder of The Lady Garden Foundation & The Happy Vagina Podcast
Ingrown Hairs: Removal and Prevention
How To Do The Perfect At-Home Bikini Wax
Meet Vicki Frost: Founder of Sign Connect
Our Favourite Deaf Beauty Bloggers
Meet: Namrata Kamdar, Founder of Plenaire

April 2020

The Impact of Pollution on your Skin
Vitamins and Minerals that condition your hair, nails and skin
Deep Tissue VS Swedish Massage: What’s the difference?
Meet Rachel Carrell: Founder of Koru Kids
10 tips for managing children in isolation
How to keep your children busy whilst you’re working
Meet Pip Durell: Founder of With Nothing Underneath & The Box
Our favourite sustainable beauty products
Everything you need to know about Nailberry: Cruelty-free polishes
10 Easter activities to do during lockdown
How to boost energy levels during lockdown
Best nail trends of 2022 so far
Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need To Know
Meet Sophie Scott: Founder & Editor-in-chief of BALANCE
How to do the perfect at-home manicure
Maintaining a routine during lockdown

March 2020

How to Best Support and Nourish Your Lashes in the Absence of Lash Infills
How to keep your hands from drying out
Your Guide to Professional Hair Removal
How to celebrate Mother’s Day whilst self-isolating
We’re here to support you
Your health is our top priority!

February 2020

French Pedicure to Classic: Which one is right for you?
Meet Margo Marrone: Co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy and Charlie&Co Naturals
Our Prices Are Changing Keeping that post massage feeling longer

January 2020

Why you should take part in Veganuary
Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination
New Year’s Resolution
Our Favourite Saving Hacks

December 2019

The best Christmas organising hacks
Everything You Need To Know About A Face Wax
Christmas gifts for your inlaws to your PA
Meet Katrina and Maeve : Founder and Face of Maeve + Me

November 2019

Nail Shapes to know before your next mani appointment
Our Favourite Beauty Advent Calendar 
Planning Your Christmas Office Party? Everything You Need To Know About A Swedish Massage
Are gel manicures safe for your nails?
Health Benefits of Pedicures for Busy Professionals
The Do’s & Don’ts for Healthy, Strong Nails 

October 2019

Mental Health Day
Everything A Gentleman Needs In His Grooming Kit
Let’s Nail Breast Cancer

September 2019

5 Autumn Nail Trends You Need To Wear Now
It’s a Fantastic service after all…
Improving Wellbeing in the Office
9 Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Sun
Meet Anjhe Mules: Founder of Lucas Hugh

August 2019

The Best Supplements for Health Hair, Skin & Nails
Everything You Need To Know About Your First Bikini Wax
Meet: Karen Cummings-Palmer, founder of 79 Lux
Meet Arabella and Charlotte: Founder’s of Votary

July 2019

How to Keep Cool in a Heatwave
5 Ways To Feel Holiday-Ready
Minimising Sun Damage
Travelling in the Summer Heat

June 2019

Meet Missoma’s Founder: Marisa Hordern the Jewellery Guru
Get Ascot-Ready

May 2019

Getting The Most Out Of A Spray Tan
The perfect portfolio pictures
Insurance for self employed Salonettes
The 5 Spring Trends You Need To Know About

April 2019

What Is Pollution Doing To Your Skin?
Stress Awareness Day 
How To Look After Your Feet
Why You Should Think About Getting A Pedicure If You Run
Friday With Natasha: City Living

March 2019

Friday With Natasha: Mental Health
Kickstarting Your Fitness Journey
Friday With Natasha: International Women’s Day
Corporate: The February Round Up

February 2019

Friday With Natasha: Habits
9 Nail Art Influencers That You Need To Be Following
Friday With Natasha: Tips For Signing A Lease
Why You Should Be Getting A Male Pedicure
Battle Of The Brows: Waxing VS Threading
Let’s Talk Mental Health
Places To Visit: South-West London Edition

January 2019

5 Things For The Perfect Manicure
Eyelash Extensions: The Difference Between Mink And Synthetic
Friday With Natasha: Laughter
The Best Rainy Day Activities
Why You Should Add Retinol To Your Skincare Routine
Our Favourite Things About Office Life
6 Of Our Most Favourite Apps
The Tips You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions
Post-Wax Treatment
Friday With Natasha: My Goals For 2021
8 Vitamins and Minerals For Healthy Nails
New Year, New Lashes
New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Work Life
New Year Resolutions

December 2018

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Beauty Routine
Another Year At LeSalon
Another Year At LeSalon
Your New Year’s Eve Plans
5 Alternative Ice Rinks To Try Out In London
How to Ease Your Team’s January Blues
Korea’s Quickest Skin Routine: Skip-Care
Meet Béatrice de Montille: Founder Of Merci Maman
Secret Santa Ideas For Your Office
Lash Serums: Are They Really Worth It?
Fun Things To Do Over The Festive Period
Get In To The Christmas Spirit
Getting Your Skin Winter-Ready
The Perfect Gift
6 Ways To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs
Our Best Beauty Buys 2021
Christmas Nail Inspiration
The Wackiest Celeb Health Kicks
Poreless, dewy skin? Yes, please!

November 2018

Winter Workplace Staples: How to Spice Up Your Corporate Wardrobe This Season
Friday With Natasha: Get Exercising
‘Tis The Season To Shine
Get Your Glow On
The Latest In Lash Therapy
The Trends We’re All Talking About
Cool London Workspaces: Mindspace
The 5 Body Parts Men Are Waxing. Yes, Men.
Friday With Natasha: My Tips For Commuting
Our Community
The Eyeshadow Palette That Is Giving Us All The Vibes
Tips for Surviving Your Office Christmas Party This Year
Meet Beatriz And Olivia: Founders Of BomBom Morocco
Eyelashes For Lazy People
The Beauty Of Freelancing
4 Rewards for Your Staff this Christmas
Fabu-LASH Looks
6 Nailberry Shades For Autumn 2021
Friday with Natasha: Why I started LeSalon
10 Things Your Salonette Wish You Knew About Nails
London’s Hotspots That You Have To Visit In November

October 2018

Is It The End For Mascara?
Waxing In Winter: Why You Should Still Do It Tech Round-Up
Extensions: Are They Worth It?
Nail Care In Winter
London’s Best Waxing Salons
Top Events in London This October
Meet Our New Salonettes This Month
Sweat It Out With CliniqueFIT
Get Your Spook On!
The Best of Battersea
Let’s Nail Breast Cancer
The History Of Waxing
Meet Tamara Hill Norton, Founder Of Sweaty Betty
Acrylics: 7 things you should know
At Home Waxing Guide

September 2018

Get Luscious Lashes With 6 of London’s Fabulous Boutiques
10 Things Your Salonette Wishes You Knew About Waxing
This Season’s Hottest New Beauty Trends
Before And After Lash Extensions: Things To Know
Break Out A Sweat With 6 Of London’s Best Workouts!
The Top 5 Nail Trends for Autumn 2021
Eyebrow Waxing: Different Shapes For Your Brows
Our Top 10 Best Places In London To Get Nail Art

August 2018

Our Guide To Hampstead: Our Top Things To Do
Chanel’s 10 Best Selling Beauty Products
Match Your Mani To Your Workout Gear At Sweaty Betty Live!
Men’s Waxing – Why It’s An Essential Part Of Your Grooming Routine
10 Nail Art Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow
What Are LVL Lashes?
The Ultimate Guide To A Bikini Wax
Which Nail Shape Is Right For You?
The Classy Guide To Clapham

July 2018

Why Work Perks Are More Important Than Pay Rises
The Gig Economy: Doing It Right
Our Super Handy Guide to Acrylics
5 Essential Office Manager Qualities
Pros and Cons: The Best Hair Removal Methods
‘One Girl Band’ founder Lola Hoad talks about being a woman in business
What is a Callus Peel and Why You Might Need One
Eyelash Extension Extravaganza: All the Different Types of Eyelashes for You!
Celebrating Pride Month Through Nails
The Battle Of The Hollywood And Brazilian Wax: Which One Is For You?
Ingrown Toenails: Everything You Need To Know

June 2018

6 Of The Prettiest Ombre Nail Designs
Meet Fiona Grayson, the founder of ‘She Can. She Did.’
How To Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home
Get The Look: Meghan Markle
Our Top Tips To Prepare For A Wax
The Lash Treatments You Need To Know About
The Royal Ascot Beauty Guide
World Cup Inspired Nail Art
The Difference Between Acrylic, Gel and Polygel Nails
Our First Customer Meetup!
The Festival Beauty Trends You Have To Try This Summer
London’s Beauty Habits Revealed By Postcode
13 Reasons Why June is Ideal for Office Manicures
How To Do An At Home Pedicure- Our 10 Step Guide
The Most Googled Nail Questions Of 2021

May 2018

Myth Busters: “Eyelash Extensions Make Your Lashes Fall out!”
Lash Extensions: Why Beyonce gets them and so should you!
What Does a “Corporate Session” Look Like?
Myth busters- what are the truths about waxing?

April 2018

Eyelash extensions: Everything you need to know
Introducing: Our New Subscription Service
Yellow Nails: Cause, cure and prevention
Waxing FAQs: The good, the bad and the embarrassing
Top Team Activities in Sunny London
How to look after eyelash extensions between treatments
12 Nail Art Designs for Spring 2021
10 things to do on a rainy day in London
It’s a match! Nail and phone case co-ords
Gel vs Shellac – What’s the difference?
Cool London Workspaces: Propercorn
Superstition in the air- old wives’ tales from around the world

March 2018

Pain busters- how to experience a less painful wax
Waxing aftercare
Vegan manicures- Our top 6 vegan nail polish picks
One To Wine x LeSalon @ Mindspace
10 questions with Rachel, founder of Koru Kids
Do you need a netox? Our advice on nail detoxing, resulting in perfect nails and hands.
What to expect from your first intimate wax: say goodbye to worries and doubts

February 2018

International Women’s Day in the Workplace
What’s the difference between hot wax and strip wax?
Meet AMELIORATE’s founder Annette Luck
Ever Heard of “arbejdsglæde”?
London Living: Life in Marylebone
6 reasons why waxing and manicures are vital for men

January 2018

Cool London Workspaces: Second Home
Our chat with the BBC
How important is a ‘Ski-Pedicure’?
Celebs you can expect to nail 2021!
London Living: Checking out Chelsea!
6 Tips For Long Lasting Shellac Nails

December 2017

Welcome to our new website!
LeSalon in support of Women for Women International

November 2017

LeSalon’s body waxing basics for the first time waxer
London Living: what’s happening in Hammersmith?
Beauty at work
Christmas in London: A Guide to get you into the spirit
LeSalon’s self care guide for the women on the go
The Restory founder Vanessa Jacobs on shoes, bags and CVs
Building a different company
Makeup removal made easy: Our simple steps to a clear complexion
The Monthly Round Up: October

October 2017

Waxing should be easy
6 of London’s fun and funky new exercise classes to try
Why the new logo?
Halloween nail art takeover: 5 of our favourite looks
Transition to Autumn with these top beauty tips
New season shades: autumn nails
LeSalon x Unseen: Working Towards A Beauty Industry Without Slavery

September 2017

Plenish founder Kara Rosen talks building a plant-based empire
6 Health Tech Innovations Making Women’s Lives Easier
13 Fashion Instagrammers You’ll Want to Follow
Breaking bad habits: Top tips for healthy hands
The Femedic’s Monica Karpinski on women’s health taboos
Introducing LeSalon’s Monthly Round Up

August 2017

How to get a salon quality manicure at home
Why nail care should be an essential part of your male grooming routine
Stressed out skin? Top tips for a healthy glow in the city
Supplements or diet? The secret behind strong nails
5 Most Luxurious Nail Salons in Mayfair
Kohl Kreatives: The Power of Makeup & Launching at Boots
Uncovering the additional health benefits of the perfect pedicure
Looking for a toxic free manicure? Why we use Nailberry
At-home beauty treatments: Why it’s more than just a fad
LeSalon’s Guide to Holiday Beauty Prep

July 2017

How to improve company culture: Top tips for modern business
Minimalist vs. Graphic: The Battle of Nail Art
10 Reasons Being a Mobile Beauty Therapist is the Best
What Are The Benefits of Having A Hand Massage?
Boring commute? 6 ways to brighten your journey
The Flexitarian Diet: What you need to know
Is social media affecting your mental well-being?
What products will be used on my feet?
Introducing Ultra-Glossy Essie Nail Polish
What does your nail shape say about you?

June 2017

French Pedicure to Classic: Which one is right for you?
Surviving Festival Season: LeSalon’s Health & Beauty Tips
Reaping the rewards: How to incentivise your staff
Is 2021 the year of the girl boss? The rise of female startups
Meet Huckletree’s Founder and CEO Gabriela Hersham
Spreading the love of reading: Sarah Kingham, Founder of Readit2
Men like Kobe Bryant are getting manicures
LeSalon’s Tour de London Recap: Manicures Anywhere!
Yoga in 2021: the weird and wonderful variations
Everyday care for your hands
6 Ways to Stay Body Confident This Summer
The Evolution of the Eyebrow 2021
Work-Life Balance: Is it really that important for your business?
London’s Top 10 Manicure-obsessed Boroughs
Isoshealth co-founder Kim Guest: The ultimate digital healthcare package

May 2017

Celebrating Essie’s National Nail Polish Day in Style
The Difference Between Traditional And Shellac Manicures
Is 2021 the year of the most bizarre nail art?
Napercise: The Workout of Your Dreams
Legology founder Kate Shapland on taking the leap from beauty editor to business owner
The truth about the charcoal beauty trend

April 2017

Uncovering Our Nail Technicians Manicure Kit
Pedicures: What is a pedicure?
Recognising when your feet need some TLC
LeSalon guide to beautiful nails all year round
More than a mani-pedi: Discovering the benefits of in-home services
How can a pamper session really benefit my business?
Founder of My Hair Secret, Emma Procter reveals her story
Our springtime season manicure forecast
Manicures: What is a Manicure – The Basics LeSalon Edition
Meet Nisha and Nishma: Founders of Grill My Cheese
In need of a holiday? Why a wellness retreat should be at the top of your wish list
The secret to a happy office? Welcome business wellness!

March 2017

What Is 5-Free Nail Polish? LeSalon Edition
Our Beauty Gift Guide for Mother’s Day
Financially empowering women everyday: Emilie Bellet, Founder of Vestpod
Artificial intelligence: 2017’s answer to your own PA
The war on clean eating: where do you stand?

February 2017

Surgeon, mother, entrepreneur: founder of Doctify Stephanie Eltz
Feeling stressed? 5 Top tips for coping in the city
Four flirty Valentines manicure looks
What Is A Men’s Sports Pedicure And Why Should I Get One?

January 2017

Introducing clean beauty: stripping back your beauty habits
Empowering women from the feet up
Trying to detox this January? Meet 2021’s new health trends
2016 was the year of the pop up, what’s next?

December 2016

7 health and beauty tips for surviving the festive season
LeSalon Tips to Achieving Ingrown Hairs Free Skin
Healthy Nails in the Winter Months

November 2016

9 Lifesaving Apps for Busy Women
4 Simple DIY Tips for Tired Feet

September 2016

We talk style and inspiration with Joanne Admiraal

June 2016

Katie Greenall – Founder of The Mews

May 2016

Michelle de Biolley – Founder of Almost Essential

March 2016

CEO & Founder of Barrecore Niki Rein Tells All – LeSalon Edition
7 Top Tips to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Workout
Top 10 Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin and Hair
Top 5 time saving beauty products for mums
Nailberry CEO Sonia Hully on her cruelty-free polish line
Mother’s Day at Karen Millen

February 2016

Salicylic Acid: How It Works, What It Does & Our Recommendations
Sweep your Valentine off their feet with our event guide
The Very Best Micellar Water For Every Skin Type & Budget

January 2016

6 Wellness Tips To Live By
Our 10 Commandments for Clear Skin
12 Hand Creams We Love – For Every Budget

November 2015

LeSalon Competition!
Winter is finally here!
MUST-HAVE nail products for the holidays!
Get inspired: Filipa Neto, CEO of Chic-by-Choice

September 2015

Win exclusive access to tomorrow’s London Fashion Week show
LeSalon x Karen Millen @ Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
Bring back summer!

August 2015

Le Salon App
LeSalon top tips for getting your picture taken during Fashion Week
4 reasons to spoil your mum for mother’s day
LeSalon’s 10 Oscar’s observations
“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier” – Diane Von Furstenburg
An evening with THE OUTNET
Top Five Supermodel Beauty Quotes
We welcome our new nail technicians!
Feet-ish: 5 tips to take care of your feet during holidays at the beach
The 10 commandments to escape from summer weight gain
Lippylicious: How to get the hottest, plumpest summer lips
6 Secrets For Summer Hair That Is Beach Perfect – LeSalon Edition
7 tips to make your tan last longer
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