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Will A Lash Lift Ruin My Lashes?

By Jennie Waeland, December 8 2020

While lash extensions have been the go-to eye treatment for the past few years (and for good reason), lash lifts have taken the spotlight and are now the “all-that” treatment for natural looking lashes. 

Yet to try one? We get it. When you’re new to lash treatments, it may feel a bit scary. I mean, someone is working millimetres away from your eye and all you can think about is those horror stories about beauty treatments going wrong. 

To be completely honest, once in a blue moon, treatments can go wrong, but this being said, there are things we can look out for and know about when going into the treatment:

An inexperienced beauty therapist 

Unfortunately, you may book a technician without knowing how much experience they have. An inexperienced therapist can completely transform the experience from good to bad. Out of all the treatments, a lash lift especially needs someone who knows what they are doing as the work is carried out around your eye. One slip up may cause more harm than good. 

At LeSalon, all of our mobile beauty therapists are trained and experienced. You can view ratings and reviews on Salonette profiles. 

An allergic reaction to the perming solution 

Sometimes the perming solution can cause an allergic reaction to flare up. Before your appointment, you should have a patch test to ensure that it is safe to use a perming solution on your skin and around your eyes. 

Having chemicals near the eye 

Perming solutions contain chemicals which can be harmful if used incorrectly. In most cases, your mobile beauty therapist will know what they are doing, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t get it in your eye. 

The perming solution being left on for too long 

The average time for a perming solution to be on the lashes is up to 12 minutes maximum. Any longer and your lashes may become brittle and risk snapping off. 

Over-curled lashes 

Prior to or at the beginning of the appointment, you should be shown a lash look book to decide what type of curl you want. If the silicon shield is used incorrectly or is the wrong size, you might end up with over-curled lashes. 

To ensure that you are well versed in the different types of lift options, we have an entire blog post dedicated to it here

A clear understanding of how to care for your lashes after the lash lift will help towards a smoother experience. Be sure to follow the below guidelines for successful aftercare: 

Keep your lashes out of the water for 24 hours

For the 24 hours following your lash lift appointment, you can’t get your lashes wet. If so, they will immediately lose their shape and drop, diminishing the entire process and wasting your money. 

Don’t apply waterproof mascara 

Let’s not kid ourselves, removing waterproof mascara can be a traumatising experience. It clings to your lashes and won’t succumb to even the most vigorous of scrubbing. 

With a lash lift, you shouldn’t need to wear mascara anyway. Your lashes will already be long, dark and perfectly curled the moment you step out of bed. However, if you desperately wish to wear mascara, make sure that it isn’t waterproof as the scrubbing may lead to your lashes losing their shape or falling out. 

Keep the lashes out of humidity for 24 hours 

Much like with water, your lashes must not be in direct humidity. Hot showers, saunas, steam rooms… all of these can have a fatal impact on your new lash look. 

Humidity happens when there is excess moisture in the air. Have you ever experienced the dreaded frizzy hair on holiday in a hot country? Exactly. This moisture can make your hair expand and that in turn will cause the lash lift to completely lose its shape. 

This is only the case for the first 24 hours whilst it is fresh out of the appointment. We promise you, it’s worth the wait. 

Don’t pick at the lashes

Picking mascara off of your lashes? Believe me, we’ve all been there. If you feel tempted to pick at and fiddle with your lashes, resist the urge! After the lift, your lashes may feel slightly different to your natural lashes but by fiddling, you may ruin the shape or the lashes may become loose and fall out. 

Gappy lash lines definitely aren’t the look we are striving for. 

Stick to these rules and your lashes will stay perfectly intact with no unfortunate repercussions!

Jennie Waeland

Jennie Waeland

Jennie is LeSalon’s Social and Content Executive, covering everything from beauty, lifestyle and, of course, manicures. She graduated from the University of Roehampton with a degree in film and has since used her skills to produce various content and illustrational pieces.


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