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Do you need a netox? Our advice on nail detoxing, resulting in perfect nails and hands.

By Shahnaz Peerboccus, April 29 2021

As much as we all love a good manicure, it’s also vital to remember that it’s worth having a detox for your nails from time to time. Like any beauty regime, it’s good to take some time out, step back and see what your body really needs. Nail polish can sometimes contain chemicals that can wear out your nails making them brittle and discoloured.  A detox would be most appropriate for those who have frequent, back to back manicures or for those who paint their nails often. This blog piece is worth a read, especially for the wintery season and cold weather we’re experiencing at the moment. At LeSalon, we’re here to give some tips and tricks as to how to keep your nails intact, letting your hands and nails breathe.


The foundation of keeping healthy in general is to make sure that your intake of vitamins is up to scratch. Miley Cyrus was interviewed at TeenVogue having been on a nail detox herself, she described the situation very well.  Before acrylics are applied, nails are filed (even for a Shellac manicure). This sands away the layers of your nail bed making nails thin and brittle. Our nail technicians at LeSalon are extremely skilled, so very few layers will be removed.  Now here’s where we get a bit sciencey and can recommend some of those vittles that will help your nails restore and make them nice and strong. Both hair and nails contain keratin found in proteins and makes these features of the body strong. This valuable vitamin can be found in eggs, chicken, low-fat nuts and seafood.  So next time you fancy a cheeky Nandos, go in the name of making your nails stronger! The team at LeSalon highly recommend supplements such as Perfectil and Hairburst which can be found at Holland and Barrett’s and Boots.

Cuticle care

Cuticle care is imperative as this part of the nail is often abused. Biting around this area can be harmful as the bacteria in our mouths can infect that area causing infected hangnails. The way to not have troubles with this area of the nails is to keep them constantly moisturised and soft so that the skin doesn’t come off. We absolutely love Burt’s Bees cuticle cream. Not only does it smell delicious, but it works wonders and is cheerfully cheap! Another favourite of ours is Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardeners Nail and Cuticle Therapy: it includes that all-important keratin and is another must buy. Both of these products are small enough to slip into your handbag or purse. You’ll see a noticeable difference, and the look of your hands and nails changes instantaneously when your cuticles are kempt.

Scrubs and moisturising

It’s a well-known fact that the key to really soft skin is exfoliation. It gets rid of all of the dry and dead skin particles that are currently there. Recently we had a little shop at Lush and fell in love with the Salted Coconut hand scrub. It smells divine, and really works as a fantastic exfoliator, it also helps to remove impurities underneath the nails. The next stage is the cherry on the cake, how can we put this other than moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! This is especially important when we experience extremely cold weather, making skin dry and nails breakable. The BodyShop does a brilliant almond cream for hands and nails and leaves your hands feeling like silk.

Now you have the survival pack for obtaining great nails, try and put it to use. We would recommend a detox for a duration of around one month to really let your nails to rejuvinate.  Even simple things such as intaking important vitamins will also make a change to your wellbeing. Once you’ve taken a break and are ready to dive back into doing manicures, make sure you do so taking in the knowledge that you have from engaging in the “nail detox.’ If you want to treat yourself to a healthy manicure, why not try out our Nailberry manicure? We use a nail polish that allows your nails to breathe,  practical as well as looking great!

Shahnaz Peerboccus

Shahnaz Peerboccus


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