A different type of company

Natasha and I always wanted to build a different type of company.

Having both worked in corporate setups previously, we wanted to create an environment where people were empowered and felt excited to come to work every day! 💪

From the early days, LeSalon was driven by values. But we never took the time to sit and write them down. ✍️

The Offsite

Last month we had our first team offsite. We all went out to West-Sussex and spent some quality time together – yoga, salsa, walks by the sea and even a few games of dodgeball! 💃

But much of our time was used to discuss exactly what we all felt LeSalon was: our values and our mission.

What truly amazed me was that during the discussions, we realised that we were already aligned and going in the same direction ➡️

Companies talk a lot about people, but they often fail to talk with them. When you realise the value in sharing ideas and working as one, you know you’re onto something special 👥

It was a very productive offsite. We defined our values, came up with a new slogan and found a name for our therapists (more on those in the coming month).

More importantly, we were able to spend quality time together. Outside of the office. As a team.  

I am blessed to be working with such amazing people every day 🌟

They are LeSalon.

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