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6 reasons why waxing and manicures are vital for men

By Nadim Bello, October 1 2018

Stress Relief.

Stress is something that around 41 percent of men suffer with. Whether it’s from work, relationships or money worries, it’s definitely something we’d all avoid if we could. It is important for us as men to always take time out for ourselves in order to relieve stress, and nothing does this better than male grooming. Massages are always a good way to relax as they’re great for circulation and releasing muscle tension. It’s a service we also offer as an add-on with manicures and pedicures. Surprisingly, pampering yourself by waxing is also a great way to relieve stress. It helps moisturise and exfoliates the skin, which allows you to feel constantly refreshed! It’s something that a lot of men shy away from due to its painful reputation, but they health benefits definitely make it worthwhile.

No nicks and cuts from shaving.

If you’re someone who regularly shaves, you might want to give body waxing a go. While shaving trims the hair down to the skin, waxing actually removes the hair from the roots. What this means is that it takes much longer for the hair to grow back, leaving you with more time to go about your everyday business. It also completely eliminates any chances of shaving nicks caused by razor blades. Our services at LeSalon are carried out by high-quality professionals, which means you can lay back and relax, whilst they take care of your hard to reach areas.

Important if you care about hygiene.

There is nothing worse than bad hygiene, for men or for women. It is important to groom regularly because harmful bacteria tends to grow much quicker in conditions which aren’t regularly maintained. Waxing removes the body hair, which dramatically reduces the amount of sweat you produce. This is down to the body being able to release the heat it produces without it being obstructed by the hair, allowing you to cool down much faster. Waxing also reduces friction, which can help you feel more comfortable when playing sports. Manicures and pedicures are also important. They keep our nails looking good and reduces the chance of any harmful bacteria growing, which also helps get rid of bad smelling feet. It’s perfect for people who are constantly on the move.

People are starting to notice untidy fingernails.

It’s said that around 45 percent of males bite their fingernails, which is a significant amount of us. Nail biting actually leaves our nails weaker and a lot more uneven than they should be. Uneven nails tend to get regularly caught on clothes which can further tear the nail, and even damage your clothes. They also leave you with those unexplained cuts and marks you seem to get when you’re sleeping. Our nail experts actually recommend that you regularly get your nails manicured in order to prevent the negative effects nail biting does to your nails. Well-kept nails also make you seem like a well-kept person. It is proven that being well groomed increases your employability factor. Book your men’s manicure with LeSalon today.

Waxing leaves you looking more toned.

If body image is something you care about, or you’re constantly at the gym, body waxing is 100 percent for you. What waxing does is it leaves your skin looking much sleeker and smoother which actually makes your body look more toned than if you left your body hair to grow. It also means you’ll have a healthier glow which is something that most of us strive for.

Ski-Pedicures are vital for active men who play sports.

Ski-Pedicures are something that is recommended for men who like to ski or play sports. Long toenails put our feet at risk of damaging blood vessels in our feet when taking part in high impact activities, which is why it’s important to keep them short. Have a look at our blog post on “Ski-Pedicures” for more info.

So those are 6 reasons why waxing and Manicures are as important for men, as they are for women! It’s definitely worth following these instructions as they’ll leave you feeling great. Have a look at our blog more tips on how to maintain a good look and a healthy lifestyle.

Nadim Bello

Nadim Bello

Graduating from the University of Northampton, Nadim went on to become a regular contributor to LeSalon’s marketing team where he covered the vital grooming treatments for men, and everything more.


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