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9 Nail Art Influencers That You Need To Be Following

By Zoe Greenwood, August 3 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration, your first step should be downloading Instagram (if you haven’t already). Instagram is a social platform which allows everyone to unleash their creative sides, from makeup artists to photographers, to nail technicians and, we’re not going to lie, some have made it pretty big using this platform. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next design, we’ve found 9 accounts on Instagram that we just love!

Karen Gutierrez

Doing nails for Selena Gomez, Nicole Kidman and more, Karen has become the go-to celebrity nail artist. Her designs are always chic, classy and, more importantly, aesthetically pleasing.

Miss Pop

Colourful designs that incorporate intricate detailing and creativity. Miss Pop’s nail art ranges from minimalist and chic to make a power statement. Her designs are complex, classy and always stand out.

Jessica Washick

Artistic and crafty manicures. Just when you think you couldn’t get a more creative design, Jessica posts a new photo. And there’s no limit to how much she’ll go for a cool pattern – she’s even been known to use Swarovski crystals!

Chelsea King

Chelsea’s nail art: feminine and colourful with just the perfect minimalist design incorporated throughout the nail bed.

Alicia Torello

Nail art for those who prefer an understated, but graphic look. Alicia uses bright colours with a simple design to give off that effortless feel.

Taryn Multack

Portraying some of the best Fashion Week looks onto nails making for intricate and bold designs. You definitely need a steady hand to create some of these patterns.

Cassandra Marie

Edgy shapes and scribbles that come together to create ultra-modern designs. Cassie manages to keep it classic, while still making a statement – the perfect pair.

Betina Goldstein

Betina’s nail art is always impressive and understated. While a lot of her designs come with cleanly drawn lines, tiny shapes, and sometimes even a splash of glitter, she has been known to use real objects to create 3D nail looks!

Imarni Ashram

Doing both nails and hair, Imarni goes from super simple designs to using actual jewels to create the ultimate glam look. We’re especially in love with her Valentine’s special: confetti nails!

Nail art isn’t for everyone, you have to have incredibly good patience and, more importantly, a steady hand. Not everyone can master the craft of flawlessly painting the small nail beds, not to mention the detail that comes with nail art. Saying that we’re definitely all in awe at our amazing nail technicians here at LeSalon! Make sure you take some pics of your nail art and tag us @salonettes – we would love to see them!

Zoe Greenwood

Zoe Greenwood

After graduating from Brunel University with a degree in Journalism, Zoe has since gone on to become LeSalon’s marketing executive where she oversees and produces content for the blog and social platforms, covering online interviews with female entrepreneurs, beauty tips and trending news.


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