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Surviving Festival Season: LeSalon’s Health & Beauty Tips

By Cassidy Brown, January 9 2019

We all love going to those summer festivals every year. But there are some things that aren’t all that great. The toll they take on our bodies. As much fun as the festivals are, we don’t always think about all the problems it may cause for our body in the end. This includes physical, mental, and emotional health.

Some of the consequences of going to a summer festival can be minor. Such as, a slight sunburn, sore or achy feet and muscles, or even losing personal items. On the other hand, some of the consequences can be major.

LeSalon is here to help prepare for the festival season and take care of your body during this time.

Hydration is key

Bring a refillable water bottle so that you can easily stay hydrated. Most festival grounds have areas that allow you to fill up water bottles for free. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest concerns when being outside for a festival.

Stay protected

Bring sunscreen. Make sure to reapply when needed and to cover all areas of your body that are exposed to the sun. This includes your head, face, hands, and feet as well. The last thing you want is a red, sunburnt face on day one!

Look after your feet

Wear comfortable shoes. Festivals are not the place for 6-inch heels! We all know how much dancing, standing, and walking is done at festivals. So make sure you have shoes that are comfortable to be in for long periods of time. Also, make sure your feet are in tip top condition beforehand and treat yourself to a pedicure with LeSalon.

Listen to your body

Pay attention to what signs your body is giving you. If you feel like you are getting overheated, take a break and find a shaded area to cool down. Take your time and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Make sure you are aware of where the medical tents on site are in case you need any advice from a medical professional.

Stock up on snacks

Make sure to pack any snacks you think that you might want while at the festival. Make sure to pack some healthy options such as a refreshing packet of apples or pocket raisins. Often we find ourselves craving healthy options mid-festival after overindulging in sugary drinks and carbs.

Festival Beauty Tips:

Not only is it true that festival play havoc with our bodies, but they can also stir up trouble with our beauty regime too. It’s no wonder we are left feeling a little worse for wear for numerous days after the festival.

Festival hair don’t care

Dry shampoo will save you! We all know going to a festival usually means not showering for days at a time. Bringing dry shampoo will help you feel like yourself again and stay fresh. Unless you’re brave enough to face the dreaded festival showers.

Along with your dry shampoo, braiding your hair will look and feel in the summer heat. As well as being festival chic, braids will keep your hair looking clean and neat, and keep you cool.

Looking after your skin

A makeup setting spray can keep your make up set to your face for a whole day and night. This way, you don’t have to worry about what you look like from the onset and throughout. You should also be sure that your foundation or primer includes sunscreen as an ingredient as well as using sunscreen underneath. This will provide extra protection against painful sunburn.

Also be sure to remember to take off your makeup with a cleanser and toner during the festival. Our skin can suffer breakouts at the hands of festivals as we often drift away from our usual strict regime.

Prepping your nails

Get a pre-festival mani-pedi from yours truly to make sure your nails are party-ready! You don’t need to worry about finding time to get to the salon because we come to you. It will save you time so you don’t have to waste any while getting festival ready.

Sparkles are your friend

Glitter has become the staple piece of any festival outfit and beauty regime. Not only will it get you in the zone to party, but glitter is also an awesome way of covering up tired eyes when you’re a few days deep. We’ll keep your secret, don’t worry! Plus, you’ll slay that festival look.

Keeping clean

Baby wipes or wet wipes are the perfect solutions to all of your sanitary needs. They work well to give you a make-shift shower when needed, remove your makeup or act as toilet paper when there isn’t anymore in the portaloos. Also ensure to carry hand sanitizer around with you as more often than not, there is a lack of running water and soap.

Post-Festival Blues

For any festival attendee, coming home from a festival is the worst thing that could ever happen. No one wants to leave their friends after living in what feels like a dreamland for a few days. Just remember, there will be other festivals to come.

There’s always something to look forward to, you just have to find out what it is. No matter what, don’t let the end of the festival season get you down. And if it does, book an appointment with LeSalon to lift your spirits!

For more tips and tricks on beauty and health, follow LeSalon’s blog. We post at least weekly!

Cassidy Brown

Cassidy Brown

Coming all the way from America, Cassidy graduated from the University of North Texas and has been a huge contributor to LeSalon’s blog covering everything from mental wellbeing to prepping for your summer getaway.


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