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Our Favourite Things About Office Life

By Ellie Pirrie, January 21 2019

Blue Monday (supposedly the most depressing day of the year) has arrived!

We all know the first few weeks after Christmas is mainly spent getting back a little routine, checking over emails and remembering what day of the week it is. But once normal office life resumes, the dreaded January blues have a habit of setting in.

In order to help you focus on the positives this year, we asked the team at LeSalon HQ what they enjoy most about office life!

Laura (Social Media, Marketing & PR Intern)

So Laura, I know you haven’t been working at LeSalon for long, but what have you enjoyed most so far about working in this office?

Laura: Probably my favourite thing was getting to know the people around me. I feel lucky I get on with everyone who I sit with all day, every day.

And how has LeSalon helped you battle your January blues?

 Laura: The LeSalon office is very chilled most of the time. Our work spaces are personal so it doesn’t feel overly corporate or crowded. Although my stuff always ends up over at Zoe’s desk, sorry Zoe! But overall you feel like you can chat to any one person in the office at any time.

Zoe (Social Media & Marketing Intern)

Hi Zoe, could you tell me a little bit about what you enjoy most when working for LeSalon?

Zoe: I think I like wearing what I want to work the most. It makes the office feel a little bit more chilled. I also really like the flexibility we’re offered here, we get to work the hours we want so it’s not too strict or pressurised. I actually want to be here. And probably the same as Laura, everyone here is so friendly.

Kate (Head of Corporate Accounts)

Hi Kate, what do you think you enjoy most about office life in general?

The feeling of community is probably what I like the most, it’s great when everyone feels happy and included at work.

And what about LeSalon specifically?

Kate: One of LeSalon’s big perks are the trade tests, I love volunteering as a model. (Trade tests are a part of our onboarding process for therapists, meaning beauty treatments are frequently offered out to staff at the head office!)

So how do you think being in the office will help ease your January blues?

Kate: It’s a really nice office to be in, any time of year I suppose. I like that you get to wear what you want and not have to worry about looking too corporate. You can wear cosy jumpers and trainers without judgement.

Ines (Graphic Design Intern)

Hi Ines, what have you enjoyed most since starting at LeSalon?

Lots of things, the office culture is really nice. Its laid back and has a team-driven, friendly vibe. It never feels too cold or corporate and everyone genuinely cares about their work, and I think that’s really nice.

What do you think you have gained since starting at LeSalon?

For me personally, as a designer, I get to try out lots of different jobs since we’re such a small team. I am given a lot of individual responsibility so I  get to see my results first hand.

What about the office specifically?

It’s nice to come in and someone’s brought in cakes, or sometimes we finish early to go for drinks. I also like how the office is split; there’s one floor mainly for eating or meetings where we have a lot of freedom to interact and stuff. Also, Farringdon is a really nice area, it has good shops and so many interesting food places.

How are you battling your blues this January?

I think that actually this is the first time I’ve had a job running into the New Year, so it’s kind of offered me more security. I feel like I have less to worry about. I also really like that as we have a small group of Intern’s, we’re in similar positions having graduated last year. We all get on really well and it’s just nice to come in and have a good catch up. Getting my lashes and nails done is also pretty cool.

Brid (Head of Marketing)

Hi Brid, how does working help you battle your January blues?

Brid: Being in the office surrounded by people socialising and chatting helps. We’re lucky we’ve got a good group here!

Jess (Head of Operations)

Hi Jess, what do you enjoy most about office life?

Jess: Personally I like having a routine, knowing my schedule. I like knowing that Monday to Friday I know where I’m going to be, what I’m doing. And I like having somewhere where is my base, where I have my own space and not having to be in different places all the time.

What about LeSalon’s office in particular?

Jess: We’re quite a small team so it’s more like a little family here. We’re all quite close and I really like that. I also like that we often sit down all together and eat lunch as a team, I think that’s a really nice aspect. We’re also really lucky we get to enjoy free beauty treatments every now and again!

Could you say how LeSalon differs from previous places you’ve worked at?

Jess: This office is definitely a lot smaller than previous, but that means you get to know everyone and you feel a lot more supported because of that. In a previous job, I remember I would look up from my computer and not know everyone and I just didn’t like that as much.

Nabil (CTO)

Hi Nabil, what would you say you enjoy most about office life and working for LeSalon specifically?

Nabil: I think I really like the way we approach work, because as long as it gets done, we get a lot of freedom and independence which I think is pretty unique to most places.

How do you battle any blues at this time of year?

Nabil: I’ve recently changed my commute from taking the tube to walking. So now I can collect my thoughts and think about the day ahead.

Rich (Head of Growth)

Hi Rich, you’re relatively new to LeSalon, how are you finding it?

Rich: Wonderful. I love the team, and we’re working on some exciting things this year and the new office is really nice!

What do you enjoy most about office life here?

Rich: I really like that we all eat lunch at the same time together, that’s really nice.

Rich: How does it compare to other offices you’ve worked in?

Rich: It’s cool, I loved the office Christmas party even though my team lost at beer pong!

What about battling those January blues this year, any tips to take into the office with you?

Rich: I now wear slippers in the office which I couldn’t have done previously, so that’s cool.

Vasia (Supply Operation Manager)

What is your favourite thing about working for LeSalon?

Vasia: Probably cake day! We nominate someone every week to bake something for the team. Recently we’ve had carrot cake, brownies, banana and chocolate cake!

How does it compare to other places you have worked?

Vasia: For me it’s nice because I’ve had the chance to change my career, and so with that I enjoy having more routine and structure in my life. I’m grateful for the opportunities LeSalon has offered me, but more importantly, I love the people that I work with!

And how do you battle the January blues?

Vasia: I enjoy baking, so every now and then I will bake something to bring in, like today, I baked brownies for the team!

So that’s what the team has to say- pretty positive I’m sure you’ll agree! We’ve decided to spend Blue Monday enjoying a few LeSalon treatments- why not book your very own in-office pamper session? Your team will love it <3

To enquire about our corporate services/prices, please contact us via email: Kate@lesalon.com or head to the corporate page for a brochure here.

Ellie Pirrie

Ellie Pirrie

Ellie graduated from the University of Southampton and became a regular contributor to LeSalon covering all sorts of pieces surrounding office life. She has since gone on to become a Policy and Research Assistant.


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