It’s already September and 2019 is flying by. If you’re sat in the office thinking where did summer go and when can I book my next holiday and time off work, then you’re not alone. We’re all thinking about it! Now the weather is changing and it’s becoming slightly more miserable, so we’re not getting energised from the sun and we’re certainly not spending as much time outside. As such, we tend to crawl into our office dens, stay there until the end of the day, go home and then do the exact same thing the next day. This repetitive lifestyle can leave us feeling unhappy, exhausted and not ourselves. So, here are our top tips on how to improve office wellbeing and to get that positive mental attitude:

These first few are for employers:

  • Remember that your employees are human! We need to remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can, and that is okay. So, for all you employers out there, remind your employees that they are doing great, give them some encouragement and make them feel valued.
  • If your employees are feeling drained and fatigued, give them a break. Let them have an afternoon off work or even a few hours off. This will allow them to come back to the office feeling refreshed and revitalised.
  • Keep morale high. If your team are struggling, arrange an office pizza night or a team-bonding activity. Spending time out of the office and not discussing work with other colleagues will encourage informal discussion and chats and will inspire better team-working in the office. At LeSalon, we provide corporate treatments! Let us know when and where and we can arrange for a group of Salonettes to come to you and perform in-office manicures, massages and more!

For employees looking out for other employees, we advise:

  • Checking in often with other colleagues. Lots of people feel physically and mentally exhausted and unhappy when working and tend to suffer in silence. We need to be encouraging open and honest communication with one another. So, if your colleague looks miserable or drained, go over, have a chat and make sure they’re okay.
  • Lending a hand when possible. If someone looks like they’re not keeping on top of their work and are therefore struggling, offer to help. This will reduce their workload and take the pressure off a bit.
  • Do something nice. If you see someone at their desk constantly typing away and looking really stressed but you can’t help them, offer to make them a coffee or tea. We’ve all been there and know how lovely it is when people do kind gestures like that. You don’t have to be glued to your desk. Remember you can have a 5 min coffee break!

We really encourage looking out for each other in the office. Small acts of kindness can go a long way, so even if it something as small as getting a colleague a glass of water, just do it. It might just make their day. After all, we’re part of a team in the office. Cue the most cliché and overused sentence of all time - teamwork makes the dreamwork. All jokes aside, teamwork definitely does make the dream work. So, support each other, help each other and be more proactive to look out for each other. It will make for a much happier office environment.

Lucy Yeeles

Lucy Yeeles

Freelance writer and contributor to LeSalon, Lucy has covered everything from mental health, to protecting your hair from the sun.

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