We’re not going to lie to you. A bikini wax is not the most comfortable experience for most of us. Having someone apply hot wax on your skin and then ripping it off doesn’t sound like the ideal afternoon treat. Saying that, it is one of the most effective hair-removal methods we have seen so far, lasting up to 4 weeks as opposed to having to reach for the razor every couple of days. And as the summer months come along and beach-wear becomes more common, it suddenly becomes a good idea. The main thing we notice from first-timers is that they’re not aware of what a bikini wax involves. Understanding what you’re getting yourself into will help you get through this very common experience. That’s why we’ve listed out everything you need to know about your first bikini wax. 

Know what style or shape you want: 

Brazilian, Hollywood, bikini line, high bikini line. You are literally spoilt for choice when getting a bikini wax, but don’t panic, this is where we come in. 

  • If you’re a first-time waxer, getting a simple Bikini Line wax is a great option. It tidies up the edges and removes hair from anywhere around the line of your underwear. 
  • A high bikini line is essentially the same as above, except that it removes slightly bit more hair around the tops and sides.
  • A Hollywood takes all the hair from the front and back leaving you completely hairless.
  • A Brazilian is great if you want to keep some hair down there, but you want more removed than just your bikini line. It involves removing all the hair apart from the section at the front. Your therapist should give you a choice of what shape you want, ranging from a landing strip, square and a triangle. 

The “time of the month’ matters: 

Beauty therapists actually recommend clients to steer clear of waxing when it’s your “time of the month’. The area is already delicate and sensitive, but when it is your time of the month, you tend to have lower estrogen levels which make your skin even more sensitive. This often heightens the pain felt during a wax. However, this is optional. 

You will feel exposed: 

A bikini wax is extremely up close and personal. There’s nothing to worry about - beauty therapists have done it so many times that it’s second nature to them. But, it would be no surprise if you felt a bit uncomfortable during your first time. Some therapists offer disposable underwear for you to wear during some bikini waxes; however, if you’re getting most to all hair removed, you will probably need to be fully naked from the waist below. You’ll get used to it though…we promise! And, if you are really worried about this, think about having a therapist come to your house. With LeSalon, you can get a wax in the comfort of your own home - sounds heavenly, if we’re being honest.

Your hairs need to be long enough: 

…And do not shave before. When getting a wax, your hairs need to be roughly 1-4 inches long, otherwise the wax won’t be able to pick them up. Otherwise your therapist can’t give you a clean wax and you’ll likely be left with a few stubbly hairs. If you’re not sure how long your hair is, just leave it.

Have a shower beforehand: 

This might be obvious, but a hot shower before having your wax will open your pores up and makes the waxing process less painful. The week leading up to your wax, we recommend gently exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells and to ensure a smooth removal. 

We can safely say that a bikini wax isn’t something we particularly enjoy, but it is something we love having done. After your first couple, you get used to the pain (which may not even be that bad for you) but the beauty of having one done - well - you don’t have to worry about that area for the next 4 weeks! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to tweet us with the #asklesalon, DM us via our insta @lesalonapp or contact our customer support team!