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What to expect from your first intimate wax: say goodbye to worries and doubts

By Shahnaz Peerboccus, October 1 2018

So you’re sitting down sipping on a cup of tea when the thought suddenly hits you: it’s about time I booked for a wax. Whilst the idea of an intimate wax seems like the solution to any shaving trials and tribulations, you just can’t banish the thought of hot wax being poured onto your nether regions to strip out that troublesome hair. Although the notion may seem daunting at first, we here at LeSalon can assure you that it isn’t all bad. We’re here to clear any doubts and thoughts that may cross your mind when this beauty treatment comes to mind.

The exposure

The first and foremost issue to confront here is that of humility. It’s understandable, having to reveal the most intimate part of your body could potentially be the most worrying part of the procedure. The main thing to remember is that the aesthetician is qualified to do this. It’s their job, and seeing you in the nude from waist down is nothing new to them. Once you wrap your head around this, you’ll be surprised that things actually get a lot easier from here.

What style options are there?

From there, it’s easier to focus on what you actually want done. The main three out there to consider are a bikini wax, Brazilian and Hollywood. For all of these, you have to grow out your hair. It has to be long enough so that the wax can grip onto it, but not so long that it tangles up with the wax. The therapists will trim the hair if needs be. If you go ahead with the bikini wax, this is just getting rid of the hair that grows along the sides of your underwear. It’s the best bet if you want to say, go swimming, hence the name. The Brazilian wax entails removal of almost all of the hair, but a strip of hair is left in the middle known as a landing strip. The Hollywood requires all of the hair to be removed.


Take a deep breath, because no one can deny that ultimately, it DOES hurt. Keeping the skin taut, the aesthetician then applies the wax. It’s a warm sensation, then the hair is ripped away. It’ll hurt the most on your first time getting a wax done because the hair is “virgin hair’ and has never been removed from the root before. You can be assured that the next time, it won’t hurt AS much. Some parts hurt more than other areas, in fact some places may not even hurt at all.  Also, it is important to add that the level of pain can also depend on the therapist’s experience in intimate waxing. However, with LeSalon you can be assured that our Salonettes know what they’re doing.

Right, if you could just turn over for me, please

It may come as a surprise, but they also sort out the hair between the buttcheeks. It varies from aesthetician to aesthetician. Some may ask you to go into the fetal position or some may ask for you to raise your leg up. Our in-house therapist usually tells customers to lay flat on the belly and to spread the buttocks (graphic we know, but this is to set you up for the real deal!) whilst she quickly waxes it. This may come as more of a shock, but this part actually doesn’t hurt! It’s fairly quick, too.

The end product

If you have a few strays left, the aesthetician removes these hairs with a tweezer. You won’t really flinch at this, to be honest, the worst is over. Once this is done, you can exhale; you did it! A lotion is applied, this part feels really nice – very cooling! It almost compensates for the pain – almost. At first, the skin may look a bit red due to the waxing, but this usually clears within an hour. You look down after that and the results are stellar.  The aesthetician leaves the room so you can put your clothes back on, even the feeling of the freshly treated skin feels incredible against your clothing. Trust us on this one, once you get a wax done, you’ll never want to shave again. If you’re tempted to do so, just remember that waxing has many benefits versus shaving:

So, are you convinced? One of our excellent therapists can make your first intimate waxing experience worth it, just book right here on our website.

Shahnaz Peerboccus

Shahnaz Peerboccus


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