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5 Alternative Ice Rinks To Try Out In London

By Laura Rincon, December 19 2018

The day you make your debut on a London ice rink is a special day for us all. How do you know which one will be the right one? Would you rather gracefully glide or awkwardly stumble amongst the fairy lights, a gigantic Christmas tree, or the modern London buildings?

We have tried and tested the ice rinks in London over the years, and despite knowing what to expect each year, they just seem to get better. This year we wanted to share all of our secrets and create a guide to the best ice rinks in London, just for you!

Winter at Skylight Rooftop

We know all about the secret gems in London, and Skylight Rooftop is one of them. Rooftops have become the go-to’s for summer do’s, but how often do we see them for winter festivities?

Don’t miss out on your chance to skate with the skyline of London at your sight, just try not to get too distracted! Once you’re done flouncing about the ice, you can find yourself cosied up with a hot drink – or better yet, a cocktail.

Oxford Street Roof Garden

If you’re up for a classy ice-skating date, Oxford Street Roof Garden has got you covered. Skating with style across the Oxford Street lights and then settle down with a three-course meal in the cosy hideaway! You’ll only get the best of the best of the best as they have coupled up with MYPIE to give you the tastiest pies in London.

The Natural History Museum

Yes, we know, an ultimate cliche. But it’s a cliche for a reason! And that reason is the idyllic fairy lights, frost-covered trees, and the roasted marshmallows with a cup of hot chocolate.

Is there a better place in Kensington to strut your stuff on ice? We don’t think so!

Hampton Court Palace

And who said we’d never be royals? Live all of your royal dreams at Hampton Court Palace and find yourself in awe of the historic beauty. Extra points if you’re lucky enough to see the castle at night time! A technicolour dream.


We all know about Winter Wonderland… And it’s a perfect wonderland if your wonderland dream includes getting squished, joining endless queues, and paying £10 for a pancake.

You won’t find a winter wonderland quite like Winterville to jazz up your winter festivities. With the most affordable ice rink in London, the adorable Christmas stalls, and a perfect place for the thrill seekers if you feel like going on a rollercoaster at minus temperatures is what you seek.

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

You don’t have to sell your soul to be part of the Canary Wharf scene! Simply get your skates on, enjoy the display of lights inside the ice rink and the fairy lights intertwined in the trees. You can find yourself sitting by the fountains in the park while guzzling down some hot chocolate after a hard night’s work of trying to look fancy on the ice.

We’ve trialed and tested all of these to bring you only the best. So get your skates, take your pic, and go strut your stuff!

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Laura Rincon

Laura Rincon

Laura graduated from University of Greenwich and joined LeSalon as Marketing intern, where she assisted in managing social media platforms and contributing to LeSalon’s blog. She has since gone on to manage her own blog while working as a Marketing Strategist.


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