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Keeping that post massage feeling longer

By Charlotte Painter, February 10 2020

So, you’ve  just had your massage and are feeling extremely relaxed, refreshed and renewed. “Now that hit the spot!” This is the best feeling when you have a hectic lifestyle. However, you always find yourself wanting more, right? After a while, you’ll find yourself feeling stressed and stuff again, but what can you do? Have a massage everyday?  don’t fret… there are ways to keep this post massage feeling for longer. 


Relaxation is one of the main benefits of  a massage. The best way to keep this feeling is by allowing yourself time out of your day to soak up in a bath – you can even use muscle bath salts to help relieve any tension building up in your body. The heat of a bath opens your pores too which can be hydrating and rejuvenating. And why not go the extra mile? Put some calming music on, light some candles, close your eyes and sit back and relax. Release your stress-related problems and start soothing your body, mind and soul. 

Epsom Bath Salts are also known to be the most beneficial of all. They  relax the nervous system, cure skin problems, soothe back pains, ease muscle strain, treat colds and congestion and draw all toxins from your now healing body. All essential requirements to help live a healthy fulfilled life. 


Fuel Body 

Massages can also  help improve your circulation in which case food is essential. Feeling fresh and healthy is the forefront of a massage and incorporating this into your daily diet will allow you to feel like you did after the massage long term. 

We recommend not having a heavy meal before and straight after a massage as this can cause discomfort and take away from the re energisation you will feel after.A full stomach during a massage distracts you from the relaxation as you will be laying on a full stomach and this will cause discomfort, possible nausea and tense your muscles even more due to stress. As such,defeats the whole purpose of getting a massage.

Postpone workout 

Strenuous activity after a workout is a controversial opinion; however, it has beenproven to counterbalance the tension in the muscles released from a massage. If anything, a workout could cause injury due to the fact that your muscles have all been loosened and the workout could put that strain back on.If you want to do some form of exercise, we recommend activities such as yoga or going on long scenic walks. 


Stay Hydrated 

This one is super important. Massages release toxins, making you feel dehydrated, give yourself the chance to hydrate and drink lots of water. Flushing out all the bad in your body and releasing all the good.

Not drinking enough water, allows your blood flow to slow down, affecting your immune system and inevitably making you feel sluggish and fatigued which is counter productive toward the massage you just had. 

Schedule next massage 

At LeSalon we provide massages in the comfort of your own home, making massages that, extra bit more comforting and relaxing. Not only can you have your massage, you can then jump in your Pyjamas sit down and read a book and rejuvenate before your busy week ahead. 

We all run busy lives and sometimes that can cause us to feel burn-out or restless. Learning how to look after yourself should be your top priority; whether that’s watching TV getting your nails done, or indulging in at-home massages… Swedish massages, in particular are the perfect choice for those who are new to the world of massages as they’re great for relaxation and super easy to fit in your routine.

Routines are what keep us as humans sane. Allow your body the opportunity to feel routine by fitting in massages more regularly. This means that whilst you are maintaining the post massage feel, you are also prepared for more massages which is giving your body the opportunity to continually rebuild itself and making your mind feel more at ease, and releasing all the stress you experience on the daily.  

The biggest advice to bear in mind during and after your massage is to BREATHHHH!
This is meant to be fun, relaxing, soulful and mindful. You deserve it, now enjoy it and keep it lasting until your next appointment.

Charlotte Painter

Charlotte Painter

Charlotte graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a degree in Fashion design. She has since covered all things beauty and fashion on various social and blog platforms.


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