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Planning Your Christmas Office Party?

By Charlotte Painter, November 19 2019

Ladies, it is the season to be jolly and of course let your hair down.
Time to drink some bubbly and throw on the glamorous fancy dress you’ve been waiting to wear all year round for the much awaited Christmas Office Party.

Christmas Office Parties  

Christmas Parties always have a storytelling appeal. Year after year, this event brings more reasons to continue this on-going spirit of bringing people together. This allows them the opportunity to feel stress-free and not worry about work. Until the next day of course.


Mental Health & Well-Being 


Mental Health issues are at the forefront of any company, especially corporate companies

For many years mental health was looked upon as something negative and not reason enough to not come to work. This has all changed now. It still isn’t valued to the extent it should be, but awareness is at last happening. 

When you work in a fast paced career like those of our customers, mental health is exacerbated as the workload gets too much. The stress of the fast paced city, the stress of fitting in and meeting deadlines at the same time, all add up. This eventually leads to a complete burn-out, which unfortunately is not uncommon in these demanding times.

 Being stressed or tired is normal. Christmas Parties are there for you to let your hair down. 

This is where the Christmas Office Party comes in. These kinds of events are the perfect way for people to build themselves up again. Preparing for another burn out free year. You can put work away for one night and focus on you. Be it how you look, what you drink, what you eat, what quirky dance you plan to throw out that evening.
Anything but work!




Office Parties are a way to bring people together, learn about people in different departments of the company and those you’ve potentially never spoken to. 

Employees help to keep companies running and that’s why it’s important to recognise their hard work and acknowledge the stress they are put under and the lack of social interaction they sometimes experience. Christmas Parties allow you to reflect on the past year which is important for everyone. Reflecting on what went well and what did not go so well. What you can improve on and what you can take a step back on. You can then focus on all the things beneficial to your life.

Furthermore to this:





Recognition motivates people, and these Christmas events are essentially a form of recognition from the corporate company on to their employees. Christmas Parties hold a personal environment for all employees. Engaging with your colleagues about the season, their plans for Christmas, is similar to rewarding them and is beneficial to any business. 


You are only human and you are allowed to be sat in the office thinking about your next holiday or day off.
At this time of the year you are allowed to be thinking about your Christmas Party and laugh about all the stories that came from last year. 

 You as an employee need to recognise yourself, value yourself and occasionally take the day off and enjoy yourself.

Life is to be lived! We all understand that to live you do need to earn money and therefore you need to work.
Don’t make this your entire life. 

 Take the movie “The Holiday” for example, don’t be Kate Winslet sat in the office at the Christmas Party finishing your work, pressed for time and wrapping nasty Casper’s gift. 

 “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind!” 



 Let’s finalise this trip of positivity, rewarding, recognition, cheerfulness, spirit and glitter. Adding a positive change to these events and incorporating an extra room, to get your LeSalon nails done . Our Salonettes have been working hard to achieve the perfect Christmas Nails, be it natural colours, reds, greens, gold etc. If you’re looking for something a bit different they’ve also been working hard to master their Christmas Nail Art. 

 You could arrange it as a pre-Christmas Party Event and whoever is interested (which I can guarantee most of your fellow female employees will be) can be booked in. Everyone who attended can show off their Christmas nails at the party, which also creates an extra reward to your employers.  In addition relieving stress and  encouraging motivation. 

 You need your employees as much as they need you but remember it’s always good to have motivated employers. 

Charlotte Painter

Charlotte Painter

Charlotte graduated from Plymouth College of Art with a degree in Fashion design. She has since covered all things beauty and fashion on various social and blog platforms.


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