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Everything you need to know about At-Home Manicures

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A manicure is the basic of your beauty needs. It helps you feel your best self and gives you the confidence to do whatever you want. It's something that means something to you - whether it helps you feel put together, makes you happy, or has you feeling ready to take over the world. Here, at LeSalon, we truly believe that having a good manicure says a lot about yourself which is why we have designed different manicure treatments to cover all the bases for your essential nail care needs, in the comfort of your own home.

How it works


Step 1

Design your perfect treatment. We work with highly trained and vetted professionals to ensure that you are in the best hands.


Step 2

Tell us when and where you want it. We’ll forward your request to our expert Salonettes and take care of the matching.


Step 3

Sit back and enjoy your LeSalon experience. Your Salonette will arrive promptly and perform your treatment to perfection.

Our top Manicure Salonettes


Cinthia has worked for over 8 years in the beauty industry. Her true passion comes from making her clients feel beautiful by providing them with an exceptional service each time.


Ralitsa has a keen interested in beauty and has been in the industry for 6 years. Ralitsa has a passion for nails and loves trying out now acrylic deigns which can be seen in her pictures on her profile. As well as nails, Ralitsa also has amazing skills for eyelash extensions.


Sometimes we get so busy that when we actually have a spare moment, we just want to sit down – after all, self-care is important. Senoor loves just chilling with a good book or watching TV. Every now and then, she’ll even go on a little walk in the park to clear her head. As well as English, Senoor also speaks Kurdish and Farsi!

The Treatment In More Detail

We've designed a treatment protocol which is the best in the industry to allow you to have the best nails that last the longest making sure that you're ready for anything that comes your way.

  1. What's included

    • Clipping your nails to your desired length.
    • Filing your nails for a smooth finish.
    • Shaping your nails into your desired shape (square, almond, round etc.).
    • Buffing the nails.
    • Treatment of the cuticles.
    • Painting of the nails - either with Gel, Shellac or Regular Polish.
    • Application of hand lotion and cuticle oil.

  2. Sterilising

    Your Salonette will lay out protective material to keep your furniture safe and begin by sterilising their tools, their hands and our hands.

  3. Clipping, shaping & buffing

    Your Salonette will ask you what shape nails you prefer and proceed to clip and file them accordingly. They will then gently buff the top and side of your nails.

  4. Cuticle treatment

    They will apply a small amount of cuticle remover on each nail and let it soak in for a few minutes before removing it thoroughly. She will then gently push back your cuticles to reveal the nail plate.

  5. Hand lotion

    A bit of lotion will be applied to keep your hands soft and nourished.

  6. Polish

    Your Salonette will apply two thin coats of your colour of choice. If you're having Gel or Shellac, the polish will be cured with a UV lamp.

  7. Top coat

    Your Salonette will apply a thin layer of the top coat to keep your manicure looking fresh and glossy.

  8. Finishing touches

    Once everything is dried, your Salonette will apply and rub in some cuticle oil to keep your nails nourished and hydrated.

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