Here at LeSalon, we do things differently. Our aim is to deliver salon quality beauty treatments to people’s homes, hotels, offices, weddings and events. Therefore, if you work for us, you get to choose when and where you want to do appointments. Say goodbye to those long shifts in the salon, with us you will be in control of everything you do!

We offer a lifestyle suited to you, as you get to be your own boss as a mobile beauty therapist in London zones 1-5. You can choose your clients, and choose the days that are preferable to you. You are also in control of how much money you earn! At LeSalon you can take on as many bookings as you like, so you have control over your income. Like what you’re hearing? Apply today and come in for a Trade Test!

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🎊 Welcome to the team! 🎊

What can LeSalon do for you?

💸 Money – Earn twice as much money working with LeSalon over conventional salons. Seriously!

🤝 Support – Receive continuous support from us. We will help you become the best in the business.

📱 Clients – Our app helps you build a base of loyal clients without needing to worry about payment methods or experience in marketing. We will even connect you with the big businesses that book us for corporate events such as Uber and Carwow.

🙇‍♀️ Training – We provide every Salonette with the training to manage their own businesses for life, including accounting, marketing and social media skills.

💪 Reputation – Join and learn from our elite team. We proudly work with the best technicians in London, and your clients will know it.

🤗 Friendship – Being pampered at home definitely beats the busy salon, which is why our clients tell us they are more talkative and friendly during LeSalon treatments!

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FAQs… Your questions answered

Actually, I’m in! No more questions. What next?

Great! All you need to do now is book a Trade Test with us using the form on this page. We will then arrange a time for you to come to our building in Moorgate and show us your beauty skills in a short manicure/waxing/eyelash test. This is a great time as well for you to meet the team behind LeSalon – if you decide to work with us, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other!

Where can I work?

We currently service zones 1 to 4 in London. Within this area, you can choose where and when you want to work. We also offer treatments outside this area, and for these, we will pay for any additional travel costs.

How much money can I make, and what are your payment terms?

We offer a competitive commission rate, and we pay directly to your bank account every week! When you come in for a trade test, we will guide you through all the details and help you estimate how much you will earn.

What are the hours I need to work?

Hang on! Only you can answer that question because it is entirely your decision! You can work as much or as little as you want. Mornings, evenings, weekends, we don’t mind! Our first appointments start from 7am with our last beginning at 10pm – 7 days a week, every day of the year. We notify you through the app when a booking becomes available, so all you need to do is say Yes or No.


We believe that working for LeSalon is better than working for a regular salon for many reasons. LeSalon gives you the possibility to create the lifestyle that you want, as you have the flexibility to create your own schedule. It can also be a lot more financially beneficial, as you can take on as many appointments as you would like!