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At-Home Treatments near Denham

Looking for at-home beauty treatments near Denham? Consider it done - with more than 680 treatments already delivered near Denham, you can count on us.

200 reviews

How it works


Step 1

Design your perfect treatment. We work with highly trained and vetted professionals to ensure that you are in the best hands.


Step 2

Tell us when and where you want it. We’ll forward your request to our expert Salonettes and take care of the matching.


Step 3

Sit back and enjoy your LeSalon experience. Your Salonette will arrive promptly and perform your treatment to perfection.

Top therapists near Denham


Over the years, we have built a vibrant community of therapists, made up of people from diverse backgrounds who all have a strong work ethic and understand the challenges that a busy life brings with it. Empowering them to take control of their own careers is something that is really important to us. That’s why we continuously develop and update our platform to support and enable them to work flexibly and autonomously.

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Guaranteed quality

These Salonettes are also the best of the best. We work hard every day to recruit high qualified, highly experienced mobile beauty therapists that can deliver 5* treatments because your time is valuable and you deserve nothing less. After all, beauty is confidence and it’s not something you should have to compromise, so we make sure to meet all of our Salonettes, vet them and ensure that they can deliver the quality you expect.

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Recent reviews from Denham

May 2023

liz A.

October 2022

"Thanks so much, Mum loved you! :)"
Ben T.

March 2022

"Lovely lady, thanks very much for a great service :) "
Ben T.

August 2020

Nilofar A.

June 2019

Holly W.
Holly W.

October 2018

"I like Valentina as a person very much, and after this my 2nd time with her, choose to have her every time."
Davina D.

September 2018

Davina D.

July 2018

"Hi, I need my apt only when there is not someone immediately straight after me and so far away, as I am very flexible and available any day of the week, as makes my apt rushed and not relaxed! I'm sorry to have to say, and I so look forward to it, and am supposed to relax, as one of my illnesses is Fibromayologia and the other chronic Osteoarthritus in both knees, both hips, lower back, and all my 8 fingers, with all my chronic pains that I unfortunately have to live with 24/7 so it is a very big treat for me and to relax!! Also it is known what I like, had it quite few times now and then in pedicure told, " oh no can't do that, not enough time so I never had what I wanted which was my usual french, it's only painting tiny,tiny white lines as 4 toes so small hardly anything to put ! Like come on! I came to company on my first go and explained I couldn't go to my salon any more as they have 2 steps and I couldn't do them any more as I got chronically ill, hence someone to my home, and said I had what they called a Kate Middleton pedicure which was the best and it was £31.50 all usual, french, and each foot 10 mins massage. After waiting 7-9 weeks ish what 10 mins it's nothing! Thats it, thats what ive always had with you, why now any problems I don't know or need probs, so I hope next time will be as has been before, I pay £35, but have paid £28 as you have summer discount, and have had before too, ok, many thanks Kind Regards Davina"
Davina D.

February 2018

"Hi, Your very lucky to have Marjorie in your team, she is a lovely " LADY" All went very well, and she is very good in massaging. Davina "
Davina D.

January 2018

"Lovely lady, great service = lovely nails :)"
Zuzana P.
Zuzana P.
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