Looking for the perfect mix of a sophisticated and delicate look? Maybe you want your manicure to look amazing to match the beautiful ring? The Put A Ring On It treatment is the perfect choice. With a Classic Manicure to leave your nails picture-perfect we also add wedding-worthy nail art to make it a day to remember.

What’s Included 

  • Trimming nails to the desired length
  • Filing nails for a smooth finish
  • Shaping nails into your desired shape (square, round, almond, etc.)
  • Buffing the nails
  • Treatment of the cuticles - clipping and oiling
  • The nails are then painted and cured (base coat, colour and top polish)
  • Addition of desired nail art to the nails
  • Application of hand lotion

What We Need From You For This Treatment 

  • For the manicure - a chair and a table
  • A power socket so that our Salonette can plug in the UV lamp needed for this treatment

What To Expect In More Detail 

When one of our Salonettes arrive at your house, you’ll recognise them easily as they will be wearing all black and carrying their kit. Invite them in, and once the meet and greet is done, the therapist will begin with the treatment.

The Manicure 

The manicure entails: sterilising the hands, cutting, shaping and filing of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand lotion application and painting of the nails and curing them under a UV lamp.

Before the treatment, you can discuss nail art ideas with us by sending in photos of what you would like or by writing what you would like in the comment box while you are booking.


The Salonette will begin by sterilising your hands as well as theirs: we care a lot about hygiene at LeSalon. This will be done with a quick spritz of sterilising spray. You don’t need to worry about any mess being created, as our Salonettes are well trained and have punnets and towels to keep their kit together.


This part of the process is sort of where the magic happens. The therapist will ask you what type of shaped nails you would like, so this can be square, rounded, almond-shaped - whatever you want. To make sure it’s the one that you want, the therapist will do this on one nail and you can make a decision if it’s the style you would like to stick to.


Cuticles are important to be tended to as they can be prone to infections and are sensitive. A removing solution will be put on each finger around the cuticle, which the therapist will then remove thoroughly. The solution leaves the cuticles clean and soft; the therapist will then proceed to push back the cuticles gently.  Do not hesitate to say if the pressure is too much/little, our Salonettes are trained to go at whichever pace you prefer. Once the dead cuticles appear, these will be neatly clipped away.


A bit of lotion will be applied to the hands to keep them soft and supple. We’re all about hydration!


If everything looks good, so that’s the shape and the cuticles, then the therapist will ask you to choose a colour that you want to be applied to your nails. This can be quite a difficult choice because we have many colours available to choose from.  The nail technician will then scrub the nail plate clean using acetone or alcohol. A base coat will then be applied to protect the nails and allow for a smoother colour application, followed by two coats of the colour you chose, finished off with the top coat.


Once everything is dried, the cuticle oil is added and rubbed in. And voila- the classic nail manicure is complete.

Future Bookings 

Before the therapist leaves, she will ask you if you would like to book another treatment again. It takes no more than 20 seconds, just confirm the date that you would like to book in and leave the rest to us.


  1. Is gel removal inclusive in the treatment? This has to be booked as a separate service, we have the service costing from £8.
  2. Do I need to supply towels for the manicure? Your Salonette will bring towels with her, you don’t need to provide that.
  3. How do I keep my manicure intact? To keep your manicure intact, it’s good to ensure that your hands are away from harsh chemicals and are protected when they can be. Just as you would with usual daily nail care, these same rules apply when you’ve had a manicure done.  Keeping your hands and nails moisturised will keep them in tip top condition, and using nail/cuticle oil will also help with this. The lotion and oil will keep skin and nails soft, preventing breakages. All of our polishes are long wear, so that’s the base, colour and top coat. These will help to make the manicure last for a good amount of time.
  4. Can I use my own nail polish for the treatments? Yes, most definitely. This is actually a pro for us, as we can find out what our customers really like!
  5. What do I need to do before my nails treatment? We ask that you have a space for the treatment to take place - preferably a comfortable table and two chairs set-up, though two chairs is also ok. The more comfortable the set-up, the easier it will be for your Salonette to do her job efficiently and well. If having a Shellac treatment, make sure there is a nearby power socket to plug in the UV lamp. You may need an extension cord for this, so bear that in mind.

Are you ready to look like a picture-perfect couple on the big day? Book with us here to start that new chapter in your life looking and feeling your best together!