Looking for the perfect date night activity? Our LeCouple Pedicure is perfect for a spot of at-home pampering where you and your amour can sit back and relax. It covers all the essentials of foot care, from nails to cuticles to skin. A little piece of luxury, this treatment aims to soothe the feet and make them look fabulous. Performed one after the other, you can choose bewteen a Men’s or Classic LeSalon Pedicure. We know you’re busy and don’t have much time to get to a salon, which is exactly why we’ve created our mobile service. We come directly to you with everything needed. What could be better than to have an at-home pedicure with bae!

What’s included

  • Soaking the feet in pedicure bowl
  • Trimming nails to the desired length
  • Filing nails for a smooth finish
  • Shaping nails into your desired shape (square, round, almond, etc.)
  • Buffing of the nails
  • Treatment of the cuticles - clipping and oiling
  • Exfoliation of the feet with a foot scrub and foot file
  • The nails are then painted (base coat, colour and top polish)
  • A foot massage

What we need from you

  • A chair - make sure you’re relaxed and seated ready to be pedicured.
  • Some hot water for the pedicure bowl- water from your kitchen or bathroom sink is sufficient.

What to expect in more detail

When one of our Salonettes arrive at your house, you’ll recognise them easily as they will be wearing all black and carrying their kit. Invite them in, and once the meet and greet is done, the therapist will ask to use some warm water to fill the pedicure bowl with. The most difficult choice would be who gets to go first. Once this has been decided, then the pedicure process can begin.


Your Salonette will begin by sterilising your feet as well as their hands: hygiene is important to us at LeSalon This will be done with a quick spritz of sterilising spray. You don’t need to worry about any mess being created, as our Salonettes are well-trained and have punnets and towels to keep their kit together. Once the feet are sterilised, they will be placed into the pedicure bowl to soak.

Cutting and shaping

This part of the process is sort of where the magic happens. The therapist will start by cutting the nails to a desired length. Following this, they will ask you what type of shaped nails you would like, so this can be square, rounded, almond-shaped - whatever you want. To make sure it’s exactly what you want, your therapist will do this on one nail and ask you if you’re happy with it.

Cuticle treatment

Cuticle care is important as they can be prone to infections and are sensitive - plus untidy cuticles are never a good look! A removing solution will be put on each toe around the cuticle, which the therapist will then remove thoroughly. The solution softens and cleans the cuticles; the therapist will then proceed to push back the cuticles gently.  Do not hesitate to say if the pressure is too much/little, our Salonettes are trained to go at whichever pace you prefer. Once the dead cuticles appear, these will be neatly clipped away.

Foot file, exfoliation and lotion complete with massage

To make the feet really soft, the therapist will be equipped with a disposable foot file and foot scrub. The heel and ball of the foot will be filed to remove rough skin. With this completed, the feet will then be exfoliated with some foot scrub whilst being massaged, Again, just direct the Salonette as to if the pressure of the massage is fine. A bit of lotion will be applied, and then the therapist will proceed with the full foot massage.

Painting the nails

If everything looks good, so that’s the shape and the cuticles, then the therapist will ask you to choose a nail polish colour. This can be quite a difficult choice because we have many colours available to choose from. FYI - if you’re looking for a specific colour, you can always mention that to us in the comments box when booking, we’ll do our best to accommodate that. The nail technician will then scrub the nail plate clean using acetone or alcohol. A base coat will then be applied to protect the nail followed by two coats of the colour you chose,  off with the top coat.

Finishing touches

Once everything is dried, the cuticle oil is added and rubbed in. This nourishes and hydrates your nails. And voila - the classic pedicure is complete!

Onto the next

This whole process will be repeated on the next person you’ve chosen to have the LeCouple Pedicure with. Again, you can choose which type to have- the one listed above is the classic pedicure or you can choose from the men’s pedicure, too.

Future bookings

Before the therapist leaves, she will ask you if you would like to book another treatment again. It takes no more than 20 seconds, just confirm the date that you would like to book in and leave the rest to us.


  1. Will the Salonette bring her own pedicure bowl?  Your Salonette will bring a pedicure bowl along with her kit. You will not have to provide any manicure/pedicure tools at all.
  2. Do I need to supply towels for the pedicure? Your Salonette will bring towels with her, you don’t need to provide that.
  3. How will I know my booking is confirmed? Once you book your appointment, it varies if you’re checking using the app or the website. On our website, simply click on your user name on the navigation bar along the top and click on ‘Booking History’. From there, you can see your upcoming and previous bookings. When the booking has been confirmed, it will say ‘confirmed’ next to the therapist’s name. For the app, it’s pretty much the same though the layout is slightly different. Just click on the top left hand side, and click on ‘Bookings.’ Here you will have all of the confirmation details just as it is on the website.
  4. What type of lotion is used for the massages? We have an all-skin types moisturiser that the Salonette comes equipped with, but feel free to use one of your choice!
  5. Can I change my timeslot for earlier or later? You would have to contact admin in order to change the allocated time of your appointment.
  • Extra Foot Massage from £15- this is a fan-favourite, because who doesn’t love an extended massage! Plus, it’s great for circulation and releasing muscle tension.
  • Callus Peel from £15- This is perfect if you’re on your feet a lot or your feet are just in need of some revitalisation.
  • Hydrating Foot Mask from £15 -The perfect way to take your pedi to the next level, this mask leaves your feet soft as a baby’s bottom!