Our full eyelash extension is a head-turner, and moreover,  you can go mascara-free and your eyes will still stand out. Plus, you’ll wake up each morning looking amazing already! Once you try extensions, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier - we’re total converts!

What’s Included

  • Gentle cleansing of your eyelashes and eyelid area.
  • Consultation - discuss what type of lashes you’d like (e.g. thick, dark, curly, natural)
  • Application of extensions to individual natural lashes along the entire upper lash line for a full set of lashes.
  • Finishing touches: the glue is dried, your lashes are brushed, and any lashes stuck together are separated.
  • Your eye pad is removed and you can check your lashes.

We offer the highest quality at-home treatments.

Manicure for men £32
Men's Full Body Wax £150
Pedicure for Men £38
Men's Mani-Pedi £63
Men's Shoulder Wax £30
Men's Ski Pedicure £46
Men's Spray Tan £40
Men's Vita Liberata Spray Tan £45
Men's Chest Wax £45
Men's Full Leg Wax £70
Men's Sports Pedicure £55
Men's Half Leg Wax £35
Men's Full Arm Wax £45
Men's Navel Wax £12
Men's Chest & Stomach Wax £60
Men's Lower or Upper Back Wax £35
Men's Full Back Wax £75
Men's Underarm Wax £20
Men's Swedish Massage (30 minutes) £48
Men's Swedish Massage (60 minutes) £65

What we need from you

  • A bed or couch for you to lay on
  • A chair for your Salonette

What to Expect in More Detail

When your Salonette arrives at your house, you’ll recognise them easily as they will be wearing all black and with a LeSalon kit. Invite them in, and then the eyelash process can begin.

Getting prepared for the lash extensions

Your Salonette will ask for you to lay down on your bed/sofa so she can get started. As we care deeply about hygiene at LeSalon, the therapist will start by sterilising her hands. Following that, she will then remove any existing eye makeup that you have on using makeup cleansing pads.

Your Salonette will consult with you about what type of look you’re after - natural, glamorous or something in between. You can even discuss how thick, dark, curly and long you want your extensions to be.

Treatment of the lashes
  • As the extensions are for the top set of the lashes, for protection and extra care the therapist will use soothing pads to cover the bottom lashes.
  • Your Salonette will then use a pre-treatment lash primer. The purpose of this is to remove any protein that is left on the lashes in general, mostly from mascara or eyeliner that could interfere with the treatment.
  • The eyelashes will then be added on one-by-one, varying in length each time to give a natural look.  For a full set, your Salonette will apply an extension to each top lash. 
Finishing touches

Your lashes will then be brushed, and then blown dry with the air blower. This defines the shape and ensures that the glue is dried. The eye pads are removed, and your lash treatment is complete.

Future bookings

Before the therapist leaves, she will ask you if you would like to book for another treatment again. We are confident in the service that we provide and are sure that you would be happy to book again. It takes no more than 20 seconds, just confirm the date that you would like to book in and leave the rest to us.


  1. What are eyelash infills? Infills are when your therapist fills in the gaps, adding new extensions onto natural lashes. Your therapist will make sure the new extensions match the other existing ones.
  2. How should I expect my lashes to feel? They should feel nice and light, and there should be no pain or discomfort in or around the eye.
  3. How long do the lash extensions last? Typically, extensions can last between 3-6 weeks, though some may fall out earlier than that because your natural lash’s growth cycle has caused it to fall out.
  4. Are the extensions hard to remove? We advise you not to try to remove them yourself as it normally means pulling them out - this will damage your natural lashes. Book professionally with us, our extension removal is a simple and quick treatment.
  5. Can I wear mascara with the extensions on? If you chose more natural looking lashes (lightweight), wearing mascara isn’t ideal as it will weigh them down and cause them to fall out prematurely. It is okay on thicker lashes.


Want to know what a lash extension treatment looks like from the comfort of your own home? Check out our YouTube video to get the scoop!