Our Acrylic nails treatment will help you achieve the look that you want, whether it be a dramatic look or just for a small boost to rejuvenate the look of your nails. You will be treated by one of our trusty Salonettes to help you create the perfect look.  The best part of this treatment, as are all of our treatments, is that it’s done in the comfort of your own home. So you can watch your favourite show whilst getting your nails sorted- something that you benefit from with a salon! Our service is perfect for Londoners who are constantly on the go, and for those who finish work just when the salons close.

What’s included

  • Pushing back the cuticles
  • Cutting and shaping the nail
  • Setting the acrylic
  • Finishing touches

We offer the highest quality at-home treatments.

Manicure for men £32
Men's Full Body Wax £150
Pedicure for Men £38
Men's Mani-Pedi £63
Men's Shoulder Wax £30
Men's Ski Pedicure £46
Men's Spray Tan £40
Men's Vita Liberata Spray Tan £45
Men's Chest Wax £45
Men's Full Leg Wax £70
Men's Sports Pedicure £55
Men's Eyebrow Shaping £16
Men's Half Leg Wax £35
Men's Full Arm Wax £45
Men's Navel Wax £12
Men's Chest & Stomach Wax £60
Men's Lower or Upper Back Wax £35
Men's Full Back Wax £75
Men's Eyebrow Tidy £12
Men's Underarm Wax £20
Men's Swedish Massage (30 minutes) £48
Men's Swedish Massage (60 minutes) £65

What we need from you

  • Two chairs and a table is most ideal set up but our Salonettes can still manage without a table.

What to expect in more detail

When one of our Salonettes arrive at your house,  you’ll recognise them easily as they will be wearing all black, sporting our logo. Invite them in, and then the manicure process can begin.


The Salonette will begin by sterilising your hands as well as theirs: we care a lot about hygiene at LeSalon. This will be done with a quick spritz of sterilising spray. You don’t need to worry about any mess being created, as our Salonettes are well trained and have punnets and towels to keep their kit together.

Pushing back the cuticles

The nail plate is cleaned of any dead skin so the acrylics can last longer and is dry. The therapist will then proceed to push back the cuticles gently.  Do not hesitate to say if the pressure is too much/little, our Salonettes are trained to go at whichever pace you prefer. Once the dead cuticles appear, these will be neatly clipped away.

Cutting and shaping

Extensions are placed on the natural nail. The therapist will ask you what type of shaped nails you would like; this can be square, rounded, almond-shaped - whatever you want. To make sure it’s the one that you want, the therapist will cut, shape and blend the fake nails, doing one first to make sure it’s the style that you want. Depending on the look you are going for, (glamorous/natural length) the nails will either be built or extensions will be glued onto the nails.

Setting the nail

Acrylic or gel is overlayed over the top and buffed and blended to create a natural look. Then the acrylic is filed to achieve your desired shape, and then finished off with your chosen polish or shellac.

Finishing touches

Once everything is dry, cuticle oil is added and rubbed in around your nails. And voila - your acrylic manicure is complete.

Future bookings

Before the therapist leaves, she will ask you if you would like to book for another treatment again. We are confident in the service that we provide and are sure that you would be happy to book again. It takes no more than 20 seconds, just confirm the date that you would like to book in and leave the rest to us.


  1. How do I know that my booking has been confirmed? Once you book your appointment, it varies if you’re checking using the app or the website. On our website, simply click on your username on the navigation bar along the top and click on ‘Booking History’. From there, you can see your upcoming and previous bookings. When the booking has been confirmed, it will say ‘confirmed’ next to the therapist’s name. For the app, it’s pretty much the same though the layout is slightly different. Just click on the top left-hand side, and click on ‘Bookings.’ Here you will have all of the confirmation details just as it is on the website.
  2. Which brand of polish do you use? We use a range of brands which includes: OPI, Essie, Vinylux and Orly.
  3. How long does the acrylic manicure last for? Acrylics can last for up to two weeks.
  4. What’s the difference between Shellac and acrylics? The main difference between these is that acrylic is a fake nail placed over the nail whilst Shellac is polish applied directly to the nail.
  5. Do acrylics ruin natural nails? Very often at salons, technicians tend to file a lot of the nail away. But rest assured, our Salonettes are skilled and minimal damage will be caused to the natural nail when filing.