Travelling this time of year in hot weather conditions can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous too. We’ve put together a list of top tips to help you cope in the heat, whether you’re walking, driving, or on the tube. We hope these are found to be useful and can make travelling in this heat a little more bearable. 

Stay hydrated: 

It may seem a little obvious but there’s nothing more important than staying hydrated in the heat, make sure to always carry a water bottle around with you, and if it’s cold it will help cool you down even more. 

Staying cool with clothing: 

A not so obvious way of keeping your body temperature down. Although your uniform requires you to wear all black with your LeSalon Tee there are still ways to keep cooler with the choice of what you wear. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, for example, skinny jeans. Opt for something looser and materials like rayon, cotton, or linen are a lot lighter and will keep you cooler. 

Get wet! 

Here, the smallest of things like leaving the house with wet hair will keep you dramatically cooler throughout the day. A good instant way to cool your body temperature down is to place your wrists under running cold water, you will instantly feel the difference. Whilst you’re at the sink you may like to splash your face with some cold water too, not only will this cool you down it will also wake you up!  

Eating the right thing:

It’s important to eat a balanced diet on a good day but in these summer months, it’s advised even more so that you have a lesser chance of feeling dizzy and faint. It’s recommended to avoid hot foods during peak hours of the heat and stick to cooler options like sandwiches and salads over soups and hot meals. Ice creams are a great instant fix for cooling down, and they taste good too! 

There we have it, a few ideas to keep cooler and safer during the summer months. We hope this makes it a little easier for you Salonettes to cope with the heat!  Remember if you are ever on the tube and you start to feel unwell get off at the next stop and tell a member of staff immediately. 

Happy Summer!