At LeSalon, we believe it’s truly important to love yourself. One way to show some love is a little bit of beauty upkeep - if you look good, you feel good. We know that living in London can get overwhelming, and sometimes your beauty regimen takes a backseat. Before you know it, you’ve gone weeks on end putting off your waxing treatments! That’s why we offer a personalised, at-home waxing service that’s designed to fit into your schedule seamlessly.

How Does At-Home Waxing Work 

Book within two minutes via our app or website, select your waxing treatments, when and where you need us, and we’ll be there! Waxing in a salon isn’t typically the most relaxing treatment, but at-home waxing is a game-changer! Once you try it, you’ll never step back in a salon again! You can lay down on your comfy couch or bed and prop yourself up on cushions - better than the stiff salon beds already, right! Open the window for some fresh air and catch up on your favourite TV show - definitely better than a small, windowless box room in a salon, right!

Whether you’re new to waxing or a total veteran, our waxing professionals will keep you calm as they expertly strip away your unwanted hairs. We’re not going to lie and claim it’ll be painless, but we can say our technicians know all of the insider tricks to minimise the discomfort!