When you look good, you feel good - this is something we truly believe at LeSalon. And when you feel good, life is just so much better! One of our goals is to empower our customers and give them that confidence boost they may need to take on the day ahead. Even something as small as a fresh Brazilian wax can really make a difference - even if no one else sees it! Understanding that prioritising your waxing routine over work or family commitments can be challenging, we’ve made it as convenient as possible! Waxing by talented professionals in your home.

How Does At-Home Brazilian Waxing Work?

All it takes is two minutes on our mobile app or website to book your appointment and you’re sorted! Just select your treatment, when and where you need us and we’ll be there. Waxing at home is pretty similar to the salon only, well, better! Instead of a hard salon waxing table, you can relax on your bed or couch. And instead of staring up at the ceiling, you can watch some TV! It’s a Brazilian wax like no other! Once you go mobile, you’ll never set foot in another salon again.