Looking to book an affordable pedicure? You don’t have to splurge out to get the kind of pampering you need and deserve. At LeSalon, our pedicures start as low as £35 - that includes a file, shape, polish with cuticle work, foot exfoliation and hydration. Our speedy mani-pedi combo offers great value for money at only £40. No matter the pedicure you choose, whether it be one of our more affordable options or our more luxurious treatments, you’re bound to feel fully relaxed by the end. Not to mention the obvious - your feet will be smooth, soft and perfectly polished. And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it does - as a mobile beauty service, you don’t have to spend time and effort getting to a salon. We come directly to you!

What’s Included in Your Affordable Pedicure?

Choosing our most affordable pedicure treatment, at £35, our Classic Pedicure includes all of the essentials of any professional pedicure:

  • Foot soak in pedicure bowl
  • Trimming nails to the desired length
  • Filing nails for a smooth finish
  • Shaping nails into your desired shape (square, round, almond, etc.)
  • Buffing of the nails
  • Treatment of the cuticles - clipping and oiling
  • Exfoliation of the feet with a foot scrub and foot file
  • The nails are then painted (base coat, colour and top polish)
  • Application of hydrating foot lotion

This affordable pedicure option is a well-rounded treatment - covering all of the essentials while also making room for a little bit of indulgence. Of course, you can always customise your treatment with our add-ons. The extra foot massage and hydrating foot mask are both fan favourites!

We offer the highest quality at-home treatments.

Manicure for men £32
Men's Full Body Wax £150
Pedicure for Men £38
Men's Mani-Pedi £63
Men's Shoulder Wax £30
Men's Ski Pedicure £46
Men's Spray Tan £40
Men's Vita Liberata Spray Tan £45
Men's Chest Wax £45
Men's Full Leg Wax £70
Men's Sports Pedicure £55
Men's Eyebrow Shaping £16
Men's Half Leg Wax £35
Men's Full Arm Wax £45
Men's Navel Wax £12
Men's Chest & Stomach Wax £60
Men's Lower or Upper Back Wax £35
Men's Full Back Wax £75
Men's Eyebrow Tidy £12
Men's Underarm Wax £20
Men's Swedish Massage (30 minutes) £48
Men's Swedish Massage (60 minutes) £65

How Does an Affordable At-home Pedicure work?

At-home pedicures by beauty professionals are still a fairly new concept. How do they soak my feet? How many colours will they bring? What do I have to provide? There are lots of questions. Do rest assured, your pedicure will be just like any other you’ve had at a high-quality salon, only more comfortable.

Here’s how it works: choose, book and pay for your treatment via our app or website. You will be matched with a beauty therapist within minutes. Sometimes this can take longer, but we will keep you informed along the way. Your therapist will arrive at your address for your appointment with everything needed to carry out the treatment to a 5-star level. That even includes a pedicure bowl! She will need a suitable area to set up - preferably two chairs with a power socket nearby to plug in in the UV lamp (if doing a gel pedicure). Finally, she’ll need a water source to fill the pedicure bowl.

The treatment itself will be just like a salon pedicure, following all of the same steps, and finishing with the same end-result - a glossy polish and smooth feet. Your therapist will tidy up and leave the place just as it was to begin with.

Take a look at the video below to get a sense of what a LeSalon home experience is like:

Could your feet use some TLC? Book an affordable pedicure with us, put your feet up and we’ll come to you.


  1. What types of pedicure treatments do you offer? We offer a Classic pedicure, Express mani-pedi, CND Shellac pedicure, Gel pedicure, Men’s pedicure. Take a look at our services list for more information.
  2. Will the Salonette bring her own pedicure bowl? Your Salonette will bring a pedicure bowl along with her kit. You will not have to provide any manicure/pedicure tools at all.
  3. Do I need to supply towels for the pedicure? Your Salonette will bring towels with her, you don’t need to provide that.
  4. Is gel removal inclusive in the manicure? No, this must be booked as an add-on.
  5. What is your most affordable pedicure? As a single treatment, our Classic pedicure is the most affordable pedicure at £35. But our Express mani-pedi combo is £40.