If you’ve booked in for a classic or gel treatment, we ensure that every client receives a hand or foot massage. You may be wondering why our experts do this, does it really make a difference? Here, we hope to show you the value in this simple but effective practice. It not only benefits your finished result but your health as a whole.  

hand massage

Why do we practice massage?

After cleaning up the cuticles and nails, this is the next spa treatment that you will receive. You will be treated to a choice of softening hand creams, which will be used to massage into your hands. Using classic reflexology techniques your technician will work the cream into the skin, softening and relaxing the muscles. From here they will be able to judge if there are any particular areas which might need more attention, such as dry skin or tough cuticles. The end result should leave your hands and/or feet feeling soft, supple, and revitalised. This is the perfect canvas for a manicure or pedicure to take place. But aside from the immediate effects, receiving regular massage also has other benefits for your body and your mind.

Blood Circulation

Perhaps you often feel tingling in your hands or feet? This may be due to poor circulation. Thankfully, it’s well known that massages help with healthy circulation around your body. By massaging the hand’s, blood is encouraged to flow into those areas, helping oxygen to circulate throughout your bloodstream and prevent those dreaded pins and needles.

hand massages

Sitting at a desk all day?

For those of us who have a sedentary job, typing on a computer all day or on the phone, massages can have fantastic benefits. Spending days on end in the same position can lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis in your wrists and hands. To help combat this, we seek to give hand and feet massages which ease muscle tension caused by sitting at a desk all day and reduces feelings of stiffness.  

Well rested

It’s well known that receiving massages can also help you relax too. Our hand and feet massages will give you a few moments of bliss, away from your busy day. What’s more, the benefits could even last until your final moments of your day. As well as reducing pain, it helps to prepare the body for a restful night’s sleep. A hand or foot massage is a great start to a peaceful slumber.

foot massage

Range of motion

Receiving massages also helps to increase your joint’s range of motion. It will allow you to move freely throughout your day without any aches or pains. Usually, during a hand or foot massage, your nail tech will gently rotate your wrists and ankles. They do this in clockwise and counterclockwise motions. This gently unlocks the joint from its static position, allowing it to explore new movement and increase its range of motion. This is essential to keeping your joints strong and working well.

If you’re keen to experience our expert massaging services for yourself book online today or call (0)2080501354 to book an appointment with one of our Therapists.