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LeSalon Edition

Step inside our world to learn beauty tips, industry gossip and to get a behind-the-scenes look at LeSalon.

Meet: Karen Cummings-Palmer, founder of 79 Lux

On a journey to find the best ingredients for her skin; health and wellness expert - Karen Cummings-Palmer - founded 79 Luxe: a sustainable skincare brand which nurtures and nourishes the skin. We ...

Aug 16, 2019

Meet Arabella and Charlotte: Founder’s of Votary

Votary is the stand-out expert plant oil skincare brand, created in 2015 by entrepreneur Charlotte Semler and acclaimed makeup artist Arabella Preston. Using natural, highly effective plant oils, i...

Aug 02, 2019

How to Keep Cool in a Heatwave

After months of wishing for the summer sun to greet us, we’ve finally hit the jackpot with a full-blown heatwave. Is it the jackpot, though, as we mope around complaining that it’s too hot to even ...

Jul 25, 2019

5 Ways To Feel Holiday-Ready

There’s nothing worse than seeing pre-holiday diets plastered across all social media platforms to persuade people that they aren’t beach-ready. When, in reality, we’re all beach-ready even if we d...

Jul 23, 2019

Minimising Sun Damage

The summer sun might be a great way of getting Vitamin D and you might love the way it feels on your skin, but it’s also responsible for premature skin ageing, discolouration and wrinkling. Don’t g...

Jul 18, 2019

Meet Missoma’s Founder: Marisa Hordern the Jewellery Guru

Jewellery is a staple piece of each woman’s outfit, Marisa Hordern should know. Hordern is the founder of the jewellery company, Missoma. They make hand-crafted, contemporary, demi-fine jewellery. ...

Jun 13, 2019

Get Ascot-Ready

It’s that time of year again. The iconic event which raises the bar when it comes to special occasions. The strict dress code which gives everyone and anyone the excuse to get all dressed up. From ...

Jun 07, 2019

Getting The Most Out Of A Spray Tan

Apart from getting completely undressed in front of a total stranger, getting a spray tan isn’t as bad as it seems. You get that sun-bronzed glow, you don’t have to bake your skin under the damagin...

May 21, 2019

The 5 Spring Trends You Need To Know About

There’s so much to look forward to when Spring finally arrives… woolly coats? Stuffed back in the wardrobe. Legs? Yep, they’re coming out. But, more importantly, what tends to change as soon as the...

May 03, 2019

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