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LeSalon Edition

Step inside our world to learn beauty tips, industry gossip and to get a behind-the-scenes look at LeSalon.

5 Most Luxurious Nail Salons in Mayfair

In London, nail salons come in all shapes and sizes. From your no-frills corner salon that just gets the job done, all the way to a 5-star hotel signature manicure. For those days you want to be pa...

Aug 15, 2017

Kohl Kreatives: The Power of Makeup & Launching at Boots

This week we’re delighted to chat with Trishna Daswaney, the founder and total boss behind Kohl Kreatives. From a glance, Kohl Kreatives may seem like just another brand in an already competitive b...

Aug 11, 2017

At-home beauty treatments: Why it’s more than just a fad

What do we want? Beauty services at home! When do we want them? Now! Choker necklaces, culottes, and cronuts, fads come and go. Not to be confused with trends which are large shifts that influence...

Aug 02, 2017

LeSalon’s Guide to Holiday Beauty Prep

We all know the struggle that comes with trying to get everything ready for a holiday. Making sure that the travel is taken care of, all the packing is done, and getting yourself ready to go can be...

Aug 01, 2017

Minimalist vs. Graphic: The Battle of Nail Art

We’ve all seen the nail art explosion over the last year, from nail art fans sharing the latest craze on Instagram, all the way to models rocking the runways with flashy designs. There are so many ...

Jul 25, 2017

10 Reasons Being a Freelance Nail Technician is the Best

Life as a nail technician in London isn’t always glamorous - we know that. It can be tiring and sometimes monotonous. From stuffy rooms with the heavy aroma of nail polish to unreliable client book...

Jul 24, 2017

Boring commute? 6 ways to brighten your journey

We commute for numerous reasons. Whether it’s because we can’t afford to live in the city, we are settled elsewhere or we just don’t want to, it is a situation we should be making the most of. On a...

Jul 19, 2017

The Flexitarian Diet: What you need to know

Our diets are constantly changing and adapting to the world around us. This is especially true within the last five years or so. With an influx of vegetarian and vegan products hitting our shelves,...

Jul 18, 2017

Is social media affecting your mental well-being?

There is no doubt that social media has changed our world dramatically over the past few years. With so many different platforms it’s now easier than ever to stay in touch and connect with people a...

Jul 13, 2017

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